21 Gift Ideas For Meditation Fanatics

21 Gift Ideas For Meditation Fanatics

Let the madness commence now that the Christmas season is upon us! The next few weeks will be an emotional rollercoaster, from the joy of putting up the Christmas tree to the stress of cooking dinner. But don’t stress over what to get your loved ones: Meditation Relax Club has strung together a quirky selection of ’21 Gift Ideas for Meditation Fanatics’ to make your Christmas shopping easy.

21. For The Sassy Friend

Meditation Gift Buddha Poster

A great way to kick off these meditation gift ideas! Perfect for anyone with some sassy attitude and knows how to keep the haters out.

20. For The Friend Who Just LOVES Candles

Meditation Gifts Chakra

We all have that one friend or relative who has a candle for every scent. This Chakra candle is perfect for any friend who wants to start meditating in the new year or for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the Chakra meditation practise.

19. For That Friend Who’s Wise AF

Cute Gift Meditation Ideas

We all have that one friend who knows exactly what to say when we’re either going through a hard time, or just need some great advice. Plus, everyone loves ‘The Lion King’.

18. For The Lazy Friend

meditation gift ideas

That friend who doesn’t get up until noon on weekends, loves brunch and just slumpin’ around. They’ll love this tea cup for times when they just want to chill out and be zen.

17. For The Cat Lady

Cute gift

Any cat lady would love this. That is all.

16. For The Friend Who’s Humble In Their Chillness

Meditation Gifts Zen

That friend who doesn’t let anything or anyone get to them. They simply pick themselves up and carry on. Respect.

15. For The Friend Who Needs A Positivity Boost

Zen On positivity gift

This could be a little gift which could do a lot for that friend who may need a boost of positivity in their life.

14. For All Your Friends At Once

Meditation gifts tent

A present for all your friends. Because where is a better place to chill than in this chill tent?

13. For Yourself To Count Your Blessings

Cute Gift

This is a cute gift idea for yourself. Write something you’re grateful for, whether it a memory or something someone did for you and place it in the jar for when you’re having a grumpy day.

12. For Keeping The Bad Vibes At Bay

Zen on Meditation

The perfect poster for any home wanting to keep the bad vibes away.

11. For Your Yogi Friend (Who Loves Cookies)

 Meditation gift yoga cookie cutters

A cute gift for that friend who’s a firm believer in yoga… and cookies.

10. For Those Who Get Confused

Meditation gift ideas sloth 

 … And sloth lovers.

9. For The Dinosaur Lovers

Meditaion gift 

A funny t-shirt to help your nearest and dearest get their zen on.

8. For The Tea Addict

Meditation gift buddha bowl

Drinking tea is a form of meditation if it means you’re relaxing. These buddha bowls are designed to sit comfortably in your hands so you can get the most out of tea time. Making it the perfect meditation gift!

7. For The Zen Gardener

Zen On Buddha Plant Head Pot

Some of us find gardening incredibly therapeutic, so this Buddha pot is perfect for anyone looking to get a bit creative with flowers.

6. For The Star Wars Fanatic

Meditation Gift Star Wars Fanatic

May the force be with you.

5. For Staying Positive

 Meditation Gifts DIY Happy Jar

The DIY Happy Jar is pretty easy to make. Find an empty jar, shred some paper, write kinds word or memories on said paper to cheer your love up when they’re feeling down!

4. For Your Friend Who Is Zen AF

Zen AF Meditation Gifts

Perfect for that strong someone in your life who doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

3. For The Cheese Lover

Meditation Gifts Cheese Lover

Spreading love, cheer, joy, peace and cheese.

2. For The Nerdy Meditator

Meditation Gift Nerdy

A perfect gift for staying comfy while getting your zen on.

1. And Buddha Wrapping Paper To Make It All Complete

Meditation Gift Buddha Wrapping Paper

What could be more suited when wrapping all your meditation gifts?

I hope you liked this selection of meditation gift ideas, i’m sure you’ll find that perfect gift for everyone this holiday season! A big special thank you to all the websites and people who manufacture all of thee listed items above. Without your creativity and hard work we would not have the joys of sassy posters, witty t-shirts and cat buddhas!