3 Simple but Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

3 Simple but Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

3 Simple but Effective Tips to Sleep Better at Night

How do you spend your time before going to bed at night? Have you ever considered that what you do before sleep greatly influences its quality? This article will help you with discovering and breaking bad habits.

The workday is finally over. You have just done catching up with the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, you feel like you have relaxed enough for you to go to bed, but… Once you actually lay in bed and try to fall asleep, you can’t! What’s going on? This is not the first time you experience this situation, is this some kind of sleep disorder? Lets look back together at what you may have done in the past couple of hours in order to cause this.

1. You are still awake, your heart keeps pounding as you keep thinking about all of the work related emails you could be sending. Look back at what you drank or ate before going to bed. Have you consumed coffee or tea during the afternoon? Sometimes, people don’t realize that three hours are not enough for our body to neutralize the effect of caffeine.

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Try limiting yourself by drinking coffee only in the mornings! Even if you feel drowsy in the afternoon, it’s normal. Rather than drinking more stimulants, try going for a brief walk instead in order to feel energized.

2. You just can’t turn your brain off. You should be falling asleep, but your mind feels blank and keeps wandering at the same time. Have you ever experimented with white noise before? It can work wonders and helps you sleep better at night! Try playing this video while in bed the next time you can’t fall asleep.

3. You have just finished watching your favorite TV show, and are laying in bed. Why, why were you feeling so sleepy just a couple of minutes before, and now you can’t seem to close your eyes? Truth is, you were probably a little too comfortable while in front of the TV. Once you interrupted that, your body was shocked, and getting it to feel ready to fall asleep will not be easy.

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Instead of laying in your favorite spot in the couch, try sitting on a simple kitchen chair instead. Going to bed will seem much easier from there!

I hope you can recognize yourself in one of these situation, and that you can understand what you were doing wrong when it comes to breaking bad habits in order to sleep better at night! Let me know if these tips do work out for you in the comment section below.