4 Healthy Choices on the Fast Food Menu: your Healthy Food Guide

4 Healthy Choices on the Fast Food Menu: your Healthy Food Guide

In this article I’d like to share with you a list of healthy food you can choose on the fast food menu as healthy choices for your body and for your life.

When you are at work, during the day, you don’t have any time to cook and have a long lunch, so you usually choose the fast food menu as your elect restaurant. Going on in this way, between a big hamburger and a couple of spring rolls, your body will surely suffer of all the calories you’re introducing. Perhaps because you don’t know a list of healthy food you can also eat at the fast food.

Every problem has its solution: here are 4 healthy choices on the fast food menu.


Always a good option! Salad, tomatoes, carrots. Skip the crispy chicken and go for grilled chicken, but don’t add any cheese if you’re eating meat. Dress your salad with olive oil, which activates the properties of green salad. You can add balsamic vinaigrette, but stay low with salt.


Meat and vegetables are good together, but skip the yogurt dressing and your usual french fries as side dish. You better go for a vegetarian side dish like greek salad.if you have the possibility opt for chicken ebab instead of lamb or beef.


Everybody knows pizza is a high-calorie food: the basic margherita, with tomatoes and mozzarella has 266 calories for 100g. If you have a slice of pizza for lunch or dinner, you better choose to add to your margherita, some vegetables like peppers, zucchini, aubergines or more tomatoes. If you want to stay healthy, then stay away from cheese and your heart will thank you.


White rice is perfect but if you want to add some flavour a good choice is grilled vegs or a salad with sesame, the most important thing is: don’t mix rise with fish or meat, because rise has starch which is a sugar. Salmon fish or wok-chicken is perfect with salad or cooked vegs. Add flavour with soy sauce or curry.

It’s important to spend your work break out off your office or workplace to recharge your batteries and take a breath of fresh air. Remember not to eat heavy food or you’ll fall asleep in the afternoon 😉 My advice is not to eat in front of your computer and if you spend much time sitting at your desk, walk for 10 minutes.

I let you with this soft music you can listen to during your break!