4 Reasons Why You Should Try the Body Scan Meditation

4 Reasons Why You Should Try the Body Scan Meditation

4 Reasons Why You Should Try the Body Scan Meditation

The benefits of meditation are known to most, particularly in the ways it helps with clearing the mind and reducing stress. Despite this fact, it is still a niche activity, because people either struggle to find the time to commit to it, or just aren’t interested in trying it, basing this lack of interest on vague and general premises.

Not many people are aware of the fact that there are many types of meditation, each differentiating from one another in the ways they’re practiced, the body positions to assume, the time needed, the effects obtained. One of the lesser known types of meditation is called the “Body Scan Meditation”.

Keep reading to find out if this might be just the right type of meditation for you!

1. It’s adaptable to your lifestyle

First off, you choose the body position that suits you the most. You can do it by lying down, sitting, or assuming any other position: the only rule is that you need to feel relaxed. Timewise, you can dedicate to it the amount that you have, ideally between 20-45 minutes. Now, you simply need to close your eyes and start sweeping with the mind through your body, bringing an openhearted attention to its various regions. This process can be done either with a systemic approach – start by focusing on the toes of one foot and then moving through your leg and so on – or you can choose the body part to focus on at random.

2. Why it works

The body scan provides sensations such as buzzing, pressure, tightness, tingling or change in temperature. It is a form of mindfulness meditation, it provides an opportunity to experience the body as it is, without misinterpreting its signs. Sometimes the sensations in the body may be felt more acutely, symptom of the development of a greater intimacy with bare sensations. It may also allow to release tension from parts of your body that you didn’t know were contracted.

3. It’s backed by science

The outcome emerged from a study published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine testifies how undeniably effective the body scan meditation is. The participants who attended these eight weekly sessions showed a drop in stress and symptoms of mental illness and al all-round increased psychological well-being.

4. It has lasting results

All in all, amongst all the meditation exercises, the body scan is a powerful way to help reduce stress, improve well-being, and decrease aches and pains. Moreover, when regularly practiced, on one hand it contributes to enhance the experience of the present moment, giving you a chance to put aside the worries that cloud your mind. On the other hand, it offers a path to notice signs from your body that otherwise may be ignored.

The body scan meditation affects your body as if it was a musical instrument getting tuned. Speaking of music, a good soundtrack is an effective way to help you reach the right mindset to meditate…

Are you keen on trying the body scan meditation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!