4 Ways To Boost Your Energy In The Morning If You’re Working From Home

4 Ways To Boost Your Energy In The Morning If You’re Working From Home

4 Ways To Boost Your Energy In The Morning If You’re Working From Home

The pandemic killed the commute to work. Working from home is likely to continue in the next few months, and we all get some extra time every morning. But what’s the best way to spend it? Our morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, so taking some time to work on self-care is definitely a smart idea. Reset the alarm and give yourself that hour to boost your body. Here’s how.

Take A Sound Bath

Living in a pandemic world is no easy feat. Some are lucky to even bother brushing their teeth before powering up their computers. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Instead of immediately heading to your computer or grabbing your phone, try a sound bath – a meditative experience where you are “bathed” in sound waves and vibrations. Through the tones of Tibetan bowls, gongs, and other instruments, your body is offered an opportunity to resonate with a healing frequency. Immersing yourself in positive vibes can help you increase focus and clarity to jumpstart your day.

Learn To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

Releasing grudges and letting go of negative niggles can feel difficult at first. But I have some good news. Once you start to release your grip, letting negative thoughts pass becomes increasingly easier. A few quick tips: don’t build a narrative around negative emotions. They’re harmful stories that you’re telling yourself. Instead of suppressing or arguing them, recognize these thoughts for what they are. “This is anger. This is grief. This is frustration.” By doing so, you won’t feel forced to act on them anymore. If you’re into meditation, observe your thoughts non-judgementally and watch them float like leaves on a stream or passing clouds.


Enjoy A Morning Walk

Like many great minds of the past, try going for a walk in the morning. A morning walk combines physical activity with the opportunity to improve mental clarity. The American Psychological Association confirms that it will leave you feeling positive and upbeat. Research shows that walking opens up a free flow of ideas, which will make you better at problem-solving than if you were sitting or remaining sedentary. This is especially the case if you walk outdoors and are able to connect with nature.

Play Some Morning Relaxing Music

Integrating music into your morning routine can completely shift your energy. Relaxing, peaceful music causes the brain to increase the production of chemicals that activate happiness. Get into the habit of putting some music on before zoning into work. Here are a few reasons why listening to music first thing in the morning will change your life.

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