5 Amazing Yoga Benefits for Pregnant Women

5 Amazing Yoga Benefits for Pregnant Women

5 Amazing Yoga Benefits for Pregnant Women

Practicing yoga in pregnancy provides self-awareness, focus, energy and confidence in intuition and instinct. It relieves stress and anxiety and increases self-confidence and serenity. It helps to discover that the strength for gestation, childbirth and to care for the baby comes from within. It makes it easier to integrate pregnancy changes and prepare yourself at all levels, without fear, for birth and motherhood. Communication between mother and baby begins early in the pregnancy at a subconscious, intuitive and natural level. The rhythms of both are in tune, so you should offer yourself and your baby time to relax, and time to feel in harmony with nature. You need to take care of your body and soul.


The practice of physical exercises during pregnancy, according to medical recommendations, can only bring benefits to the mother and the baby.

You can find the five yoga benefits for pregnant women down below!

1. Works body and mind

In pregnancy, yoga helps pregnant women think more about the changes happening in their body, better understanding what is happening. It helps you feel more connected with your child.

Studies show that the practice of yoga relieves stress hormones by up to 14%. This is due to the release of endorphin into the bloodstream. After childbirth, yoga will not help you lose weight because you have little heat loss. But, of course, it will contribute to the relaxation and recovery of the pre-gestational body. This allows you to focus on taking care of your own health and not just your baby. Physical activity also helps fight off the symptoms of postpartum depression and improves your self-esteem.

2. Work the breath

Some yoga exercises work the breath and they are important during pregnancy to oxygenate the body of the baby. In addition, proper breathing at the time of delivery will help the mother feel calmer. Anxiety is very common among future moms, especially first-time moms: yoga works as a time of relaxation that helps maintain emotional stability. It is proven that stress during pregnancy is responsible for premature births and low birth weight. Therefore, it is even more important that the pregnant woman is in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Fighting anxiety is critical to both mother’s and child’s health.


3. Relieves physical and mental pain

Posture exercises help relieve back pain and strengthen back muscles. After delivery, yoga helps a woman realign her spine and recover from sudden weight loss. On a daily basis, your emotions have effects on the body. For example, when you are anxious, muscles contract and breathing becomes difficult. The principles of yoga consider this to be a two-way street: if your emotions can cause physical effects then physical changes can change the way you feel. Therefore, the change in posture is also responsible for relaxation and emotional stability. A relaxed body can rest the mind!

4. Relieves bloating

Yoga makes the heart beat faster and the kidneys work harder. In this way, fluid retention decreases, as does the feeling of swelling. Positions that stress the lower muscles also make circulation work better and swelling adds up.

5. Strengthens the pelvic floor

The practice of yoga strengthens the pelvic floor: the muscle that lies between the legs and regulates the opening of the vagina, urethra and anus. It is important that this musculature be worked during pregnancy to prevent the baby from being born premature or that the woman has stress urinary incontinence. When this muscle is strong, the chance of normal birth is greater because the body has more energy to push the baby out.

It is important to know that the benefits of yoga for pregnant women are experience only when exercise is carried out regularly. Therefore, the practice should be done at least twice a week. But remember that overheating is harmful and can lead to exhaustion and, consequently, lack of nutrients for the baby. The positions should be comfortable and safe for the woman. The inverted and tummy-down are not indicated as they force the abdomen too much and may impair the baby’s oxygenation. The best options are those that have good support without needing much strength and balance.