5 Causes of Fatigue (And How To Fight Them)

5 Causes of Fatigue (And How To Fight Them)

5 Causes of Fatigue (And How To Fight Them)

Sometimes we feel groggy and tired, but just can’t pinpoint the cause of our indisposition. Here are 5 common causes of fatigue and the energy boosters with which you can fight them off!

Cause 1: Your Messy Desk

All of your stuff simply keeps staring at you. You can’t stand it, and your brain can’t be fully focused on the task at hand. Before you even have to start working, you have to face the mess in front of you, and that makes you tired and takes away from your motivation.

The fatigue fighter? Keep all your work related stuff away from your desk, maybe in a closet. All unused material should be kept away until you need it.

messy desk

Cause 2: Your Predictable Routine

Routine are there for a reason; they keep us organized and help us save time. However, being locked in the same routine can become tiring after a while. There is no stimuli for you to keep your mind active, and you nod off without even realizing.
How to kick off the fatigue? Try out something new! New activities will fill your brain with dopamine that will help you stay active and alert.

predictable routine

Cause 3: Your Comfy Chair

Right after you get home, you go ahead and sit in your favorite chair, hoping to lay off some steam. However, instead of feeling refreshed and good to start anew, you get a feeling of exhaustion. This is because your body relaxes, as your body finally enters idle mode and cuts down the amount of oxygen that flows to your brain.
The energy booster? Go for a slow walk instead! Your body will not switch off and you will go back to work feeling refreshed.

comfy chairs

Cause 4: Not Drinking Enough

Dehydrated bodies encourage water retention, and trap toxins inside. Many of us do not drink enough water every day – personally, I know people that can survive by just drinking 3 cups a day during meals!

How to fight causes of fatigue? If you are feeling sluggish, drink a healthy cup of room temperature water. And always keep a bottle at hand for you to sip on while working!

drinking water

Cause 5: The Wrong Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy to start off your metabolism. People that eat a balanced breakfast have nice, clean energy to reach lunch. However, people that eat unhealthy might risk feeling groggy or sluggish.

The right energy boosters? A correct breakfast needs to have: whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables, and a little bit of protein. Try adding them to your morning routine.

wrong breakfast

If you were saying phrases such as “I feel tired” or “I have no energy” as of late, I hope you will find these tips on what to change in your life useful. Read more articles on our blog to find out many more ways to maintain a healthy lifestle!