5 DIY Natural Home Remedies for Fast First Aid

5 DIY Natural Home Remedies for Fast First Aid

When a minor injury strikes in your household, do not go running to the pharmacy. Your pantry or kitchen could hold the natural remedies to your simple problem.

Many people tend to consider natural home remedies those that you buy from your drugstore. Little do they know that many types of minor injuries or ailments can be treated by everyday ingredients or plants. These 5 all natural tricks are readily available in almost any household. Read about them, and remember them for when the time comes!

Aloe Vera for Burns

Aloe vera gels are often sold in stores, but they are mixed with alcohol, artificial coloring and other unnecessary ingredients. You know what’s much better than aloe vera gels? Actual aloe vera! A very simple plant to take care of, it can survive even to the darkest of thumbs. And when you have a sunburn or a rash, you can pick a juicy leaf and spread the sap that seeps from it over the affected area. I have about 5 aloes at home right now; they are simple to take care of, they require little watering and when I burn myself a little on the stove I can make good use of them!

Basil for Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes drive me mad during the summer, especially at night. As the Dalai Lama said: β€œIf you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”. But what if the darned insect has already bitten you? Do not fear, as an everyday cooking plant can become a fast and natural DIY home remedy! Basil is great in pasta sauce, but it is just as great as a mosquito bite fast aid. Rub the leaves directly on the itchy area; not only will the skin be soothed and nourished by the natural oils, but it will also help as an insect repellent!

basil natural remedies

Calendula for Cuts and Burns

If you are dealing with a small kitchen burn, you can treat it with calendula, an anti-microbial plant that promotes healing and prevents infection. My mother used to always have a tube of calendula extract at the ready for first fast aid; it smells great and helps with the pain.

Honey for Scrapes

Honey is well know as a sweetener, but less known as a first help healer. It has been used to treat wounds and scrapes for centuries. For small scrapes, remember to clean the area, and then proceed to apply a tablespoon of honey (manuka honey if possible). For deeper cuts, do prefer seeing a professional that can recommend the best treatment for you.

honey natural remedy

Baking Soda for Bee Stings

Many people keep it in their cabinet, and use it as a way to clean food. However, baking soda can be an excellent first help against the pain of bee stings. Just pour baking soda onto your hand, and add enough water to it to turn it into a paste. Spread it on the sting area and wait for the swelling and pain to dissipate.

I hope these DIY home remedies can be of use to you in the future. Do remember, though, that if a serious injury occurs in your household you should seek the help and advice of a professional, without limiting yourself to self treatment.