5 Healthy Tips for Relaxation at the End of the Day

5 Healthy Tips for Relaxation at the End of the Day

Stress is healthy.

Ever thought of what would happen without it? We would probably fall asleep during an important meeting, forget to pick our kids up from school and struggle to meet deadlines. Indeed, stress provides us with arousal functional to our everyday tasks.

So what makes us feel restless, exhausted and on the edge? Often, this is due to our inability of unwinding. Relaxing is something that can be learnt in order to give ourselves a break.

Below, 5 relaxation tips to give your mind and body a break by developing your ability to regain positive energy from simple gestures.

1)     Disconnect to reconnect

This has been the motto of numerous campaigns around the world to promote real connection among people and with the Self. Switch off your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and tv for at least 30 minutes every evening. In this way, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the silence around you and remember that you exist regardless your commitments. Allow yourself to just be, and reconnect with your inner calm.

2)     “Food should be fun” – Thomas Keller

Find a healthy recipe and engage with the process of preparation. Could be as simple as making herbal tea or a salad. Combine the ingredients and choose their colours. Food is who you are. Take some time to build a wonderful self.

3)     “Take a stroll to the nearest water’s edge, remember your place” – Xavier Rudd

Connect with nature. We tend to spend most of our time in our office, house and car. This can be alienating. Going for a walk in a park, growing some plants or flowers, or watching the sky reminds us that we are part of a bigger system, of the Universe. We can allow ourselves to let go of the worries when we are in touch with nature.

4)     A sound mind in a healthy body

Body and mind are strictly interconnected. Some exercise improves your fitness, your cognitive capability (I.e. attention, memory, vision, etc.) and also your mood! A 20 minute fast walk, a dance class, some yoga poses with yoga fitness music or even taking the stairs instead of the lift is enough to enhance your daily positivity.

5)     Breathe

As obvious as it might sound, breathe. Sometimes we forget to listen to ourselves and get overwhelmed by anxiety and worries. Sit down, listen to some relaxation music, inhale and exhale deeply for a few minutes, empty your mind and watch your emotions with some distance. You can breathe and be.