5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep

5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep

5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night and are always looking for natural sleep remedies to help you nod off a bit easier? Well if so, we have an unusual solution for you that you may not have heard of or tried yet.. plants! Certain plants have been known to lower stress levels and combat anxiety, and because of their ability to purify the air they absorb odours and moulds that can affect breathing and lung health. If you’re interested in finding out which plants are particularly good for improving sleep, just keep reading.

1. Lavender

You may have heard before that lavender is great for inducing sleep, and there are lots of lavender scented products on the market for you to place around your room or spray on your pillow. However, if you want to get the full benefit from lavender, why not invest in an actual plant and allow the aroma to naturally circulate around your room. Lavender has also been shown to calm restless babies and help them get to sleep so this plant makes a great addition to any nursery.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants don’t require much in the way of maintenance, only needing water every couple of weeks, and yet they provide a great service of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen which in turn leads to a better night’s sleep. The snake plant has also been proven to effectively treat headaches, eye irritation and respiratory problems as well as increasing energy levels.

3. English Ivy

English Ivy has been proven to reduce airborne mould by 94%, which is extremely helpful for sufferers of asthma or anyone with allergies or lung irritation. It is simple to grow and requires very little light, simply keep it on a tall shelf or in a hanging basket as it is a trailing plant.

4. Jasmine

With delicate flowers that emit a light, refreshing scent, Jasmine is known to lower anxiety and help achieve a deep, restful sleep. Keeping a Jasmine plant in the bedroom can also contribute towards increased levels of alertness and concentration throughout the day.

5. Gardenia

The Gardenia plant is very similar to Jasmine in both appearance and scent, and offers similar benefits when it comes to improving sleep quality. One study has even found that Gardenia is as effective as Valium in treating anxiety and insomnia. The plant can take a little work to properly look after it, needing a lot of bright indirect sunlight and constant care, but if you suffer with sleep problems it could be worth it for you.