5 Romantic Music Playlists For You & Your Special Someone

5 Romantic Music Playlists For You & Your Special Someone

5 Romantic Music Playlists For You & Your Special Someone

Love! A topic we hear so much about and one of the main subjects of most song lyrics. Love inspires music and sometimes music can even inspire love. If you’re planning a romantic night in with your special someone or you just enjoy listening to romantic love songs, we have the playlist for you. Take a look at our top 5 romantic music playlists.

5. Valentine’s Day Romantic Piano

Made with Valentines’s Day in mind but perfect for any loving occasion where you want to celebrate love and passion. From music like ‘Love Story’ to ‘My Love’ this playlist is perfect for those of you with a romantic side.

4. β€œSolo Piano”: Romantic Music

Plan an evening meal with your significant other with lots of delicious food and wine, candles on the table and of course some soft, romantic music in the background. No need to leave the house to go on a date!

3. Music For Lovers And Piano Bar

Here is some beautiful piano music for you and your lover or the perfect background music for your piano bar to create a sexy, sultry and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Romantic Weekend

31 of the most romantic songs to take you through the weekend, all in in our ‘Romantic Weekend’ playlist on Spotify.

1. Piano Instrumentals: Romantic & Soft Piano Songs For Lovers

And finally at number one we have some soft piano music to set the mood and create a pleasant ambience. Ideal for a special occasion, piano bar or dinner restaurant music, this playlist certainly delivers romance and charm.

Those were our top 5 Romantic music playlists, some of the best romantic songs out there! We hope you enjoy and even if you don’t have a significant someone you can still enjoy and appreciate this beautiful music for what it is.