5 Signs You Have An Old Soul

5 Signs You Have An Old Soul

5 Signs You Have An Old Soul

Have you ever felt like you have an old mind trapped inside a young person’s body? Like you belong to a different era altogether, a time long gone by? Well, you might just be one of those people that has an old soul, a soul that feels more comfortable and at ease with customs and cultures from the distant past.

Having an old soul is by no means a bad thing, it means you probably have wisdom and intelligence far beyond your years. It also means that you are able to relate to a wide demographic of people. Once you figure out that you are someone like this, you can try and find yourself and start to understand who you are and where you fit in in society. Here are 5 signs that mean you really are an old soul.

1. Unique Taste

While your peers are listening to chart music and getting involved with all the new technologies and changes of today, you are far more interested in what people were listening to and doing in previous decades. You find yourself seeking out things that were popular thirty, forty or fifty years ago and get excited when you stumble across hidden gems from the past.

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2. You Feel More Comfortable Around Older People

You don’t find it difficult to relate to people who are older than you. In fact, you enjoy the company of older people even more so than your own age demographic. You find the conversations stimulating and love being inquisitive with people who can tell you about the past and bring history alive.

3. You Are Curious About Everything

Having an old soul means that you are interested in seeing the bigger picture and you are less interested in minute details and trivial matters. While other people get stressed and hung up on minor setbacks, you can see the reason and logic in everything. You are less likely to fly off the handle or get involved with petty arguments because you can see how unnecessary they are in the grander scale of things.

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4. Intuition And Understanding

Your ability to know things without having been properly taught them is uncanny. You have a strong gut feeling about things which generally turn out to be true and you have a broad understanding of life and the world which goes beyond your years. You feel as though you’ve done or seen certain things before, even when you know you definitely haven’t.

5. You Enjoy Deep Connections

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Scratching the surface and exchanging small talk doesn’t interest you, if you’re going to talk to someone or get to know a person you want to have a deep connection with them. You find yourself asking probing questions and can pick up on social signals that others might miss. Your emotional intelligence is well developed and you feel deeply empathetic towards other people.

If you think you have an old soul you probably do, after all old souls are the ones that instinctively know so much about themselves and the world around them. Make sure to use your powers wisely and share your intuitive insight and knowledge with the people around you. A person with an old soul always gives the best advice so don’t let it go to waste!