5 Things That Are Weighing You Down That You Need To Let Go Of

5 Things That Are Weighing You Down That You Need To Let Go Of

5 Things That Are Weighing You Down That You Need To Let Go Of

Having a weight on your shoulders, whatever that weight may be, is never a positive thing. Holding on to something that needs to be removed from your life for good, or refusing to face the reality of what needs to change can upset our mental and emotional psyche. In order to to learn how to move forward, we must first learn how to let go. Here are 10 things that could unknowingly be weighing you down in life.

If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.”

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1. Debt – Owing back money, whether that be to friends, family or a lending provider, can leave your finances in disarray leading to unnecessary stress and worry. Unfortunately you can’t just ‘let go’ of debt, you need to pay the money back, so figure out a payment scheme for paying back larger debts (‘x’ amount per month) and pay off any minor debts in one go.

2. Unhealthy Habits – Bad habits are often a viscous cycle of want>have>regret>repeat. Whatever your bad habit is and no matter how hard you find it to give it up, until you succeed at it it will always play on your mind. You can either accept it for what it is and decide you will never change, or come up with a plan for how you will change and then implement it. The other part, where you spend all your time thinking, worrying and feeling guilty for not succeeding is the bit you need to let go of.

3. Caring About What People Think – It is something we’re all guilty of, and something that gets easier as we get older, but worrying about other people’s opinions is definitely something you should learn to let go of from an early age. You will never get through life being able to please everyone, so just stop trying and you’ll automatically feel liberated.

4. Past Failures – Being stuck in the past, and thinking about things that didn’t work out does nothing but stunt your ability to grow and develop in the present. Holding on to the past, good or bad, is an unhealthy way to be so treasure the good memories, forget about the unhappy ones, and then focus on the only day that you really have – today.

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5. The ‘No’s, ‘But’s and ‘What If’s – Overthinking can be a curse, especially when it prevents us from making any decision that involves an element of risk or recklessness. Our thinking process can weigh us down and give us all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something, but if the main reason is fear based rather than logic based then you need to find the courage to go for it and leave the excuses behind.

Learning to let go of the things that weigh you down will free you in so many ways. Get the monkey, or monkeys, off your back and continue to do so throughout your life, you will be so much better off if you do.