5 Ways in Which Keeping a Journal Will Help You

5 Ways in Which Keeping a Journal Will Help You

5 Ways in Which Keeping a Journal Will Help You

Sometimes it’s the simple things that lead to some of the biggest changes in life. Exercising, eating healthy, meditating. None of these activities need years of study before you start with the practice. But it’s undeniable how they can positively affect your body and your mind right from the get-go.

On that note, have you ever tried with keeping a journal? The benefits of journaling are many, and on top of that, it’s also pretty fun. You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to write about your day. The important bit is that you do it every day until it becomes automatic.

Below, you can find 5 benefits of journaling we managed to think of. However, we’re pretty sure that there are many more and that they can change based on your personal experience.

It Helps You Learn From Your Mistakes

If you write about your day, there are more chances for you to pick up valuable lessons. Writing lets you recall with more clarity the events of the day. So just by thinking about a conversation you had, or a mistake you made, you may be able to take away something useful that would’ve gone lost if you didn’t take your time to write it down.


Journaling Lets You Capture the Best Moments

Over time we tend to forget about things. But when you write, your best moments will be forever documented depicting the way you really felt right after having experienced them. Besides shooting a video of your entire day, is there any other way of capturing the real essence of your experiences?


You Track Progress

If you read our article about setting SMART objectives, then you know already how much importance we give to having achievable goals placed along your way. Keeping a journal works in synergy with the SMART criteria. In fact, if you write about your day you’re automatically tracking your progress towards the next goal.

tracking progress

It Leads to Self-Exploration

Writing about what you do on a daily basis means that you’re also exploring your mind. It’s a powerful habit that eventually leads to a full and complete knowledge of yourself and your thought process. This can help you in many social situations. Especially the ones where self-awareness comes really in handy such as a job interview or an important meeting.


It’s a Shortcut to Happiness

Gratitude has a huge influence on one’s happiness. So by stopping every evening to write a short recap of the day you’ll finally see how amazing your life can be. You may not have much. But by keeping a journal you’ll start to appreciate every single thing you have.

Now, what about you? Have you ever kept a journal? Most of us did it when we were younger but perhaps it’s time to start again!