5 Ways to Have a Mindful Halloween

5 Ways to Have a Mindful Halloween

5 Ways to Have a Mindful Halloween

Halloween is in less than a week! This day brings with it very strong energies that must be harnessed to the path of evolution, ascension and self-knowledge. Combat negativity!

The night of October 31st brings a great power to work with our shadow and also with the detachments that are needed for each one. It is also a time to honor all our ancestors and their lessons, as well as thank them for their teachings and say goodbye to all old things, letting go of all that no longer has a need in our lives.

As millions of children go out to neighborhoods across the country, stalking the elusive full-sized candy bar, we offer you -the adults-  a few ways to bring mindful curiosity to the tricks and treats of the day.

1. Take advantage of this time of year to deeply cleanse yourself and your environment, letting go of everything that no longer serves a positive purposes in your life. One tip is to do a large cleaning in the house, removing objects that are broken, unusable and organizing all kinds of mess.


2. You can work with the energy of protection, which makes it the perfect time to close your personal field to all negativity. In this ritual, personal and home protection tools are made, as well as great energy cleanups that combat negativity. A traditional protection tool of this day is to make a “Jack O Lantern”, which is the pumpkin lit by a candle placed inside, typical symbol of Halloween. This lantern should be placed at the front door of the house, at dusk, with the white candle burning inside the decorated pumpkin, to ward off bad energies and bring protection to the place.

3. Don’t bowdlerize Halloween. We need more death awareness in our culture, not avoidance. A little reminiscing on our mortality actually makes us happier. Halloween is a time when ghost and spooky decorations are on public display: this is a night to commemorate the dead!

4. Waste less! With Halloween quickly approaching, kids around the block are building up anticipation for the day when neighbors and strangers alike give them candy for free! Halloween is a time for all things scary: goblins, ghosts, ghouls… and garbage? That’s right. With over 41 million children taking part in trick-or-treat fun annually, this beloved, spooky holiday has a waste problem that’s hard to ignore: Americans will spend over 8 billion dollars on Halloween this year. Take a look around and ask yourself how you can take a more minimalist approach next year. Have a sustainable Halloween celebration this year!

5. Talk about death. People are getting together and actually talking about death and finding that those conversations are changing their views on life. Although the common man sees death with dread and sadness, those who are gone know it as a wonderful experience of peace and freedom. In death you forget all the limitations of the physical body and understand how free you are. In the first few seconds there is a sense of fear – fear of the unknown, something foreign to consciousness. But then comes a great understanding: the soul experiences a joyful sense of relief and freedom. Don’t fear Death!

Halloween is a time to commemorate the dead. Go out and have fun, but remember to mix Mindfulness and Halloween, too. Combat negativity, think about your loved ones who have passed away and the values and principles they have taught you. Mind your words! It is not difficult to practice mindfulness everyday, not only on Halloween. By focusing on the present, being emotionally attuned to the people you are with and raising your own awareness of the environment, you become more responsive, charitable and kind.

Have a Mindful Halloween! Stay sane amongst the sense of fear and temptations of Halloween, combat negativity and commemorate the dead!