5 Ways To Kickstart A Health Kick

5 Ways To Kickstart A Health Kick

5 Ways To Kickstart A Health Kick

We all want to know how to be healthier and how to improve our food habits to elongate our lives and slow down the ageing process, but putting it into practice is something else entirely. It takes dedication, motivation, will power, and sheer determination to make serious changes to our diet and fitness and stop all bad eating habits in their tracks. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle is a slippery slope and it can be difficult to turn things around, but here’s a few things you can doΒ if you want toΒ change things for the better and improve your quality of life.

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Do It Today

Don’t wait until the new year (even though it is getting close) to start your health kick, start it now. If you always wait to have your last cigarette, your last takeaway, your last bar of chocolate to become healthier, you’ll never really do it. Be committed from the outset, decide that as of right now you will make healthier choices, even if it means cutting out or cutting back on the things you love but you know are bad for you.

Go Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey can be tough but whatever you want to give up, make an effort to give it up altogether. You might crumble and give in to your bad habit a few times but even if you try it’s a good start. Once the toxins and stimulants start to leave you body, your head will start to feel a lot clearer and you’ll realise you can go without certain things. You just need to get through the most difficult part, the detox, first.


Untitled design (1)Don’t Make Exercise A Chore

Sometimes the thoughts of going to the gym is enough to put us off exercising altogether. It’s not just the thoughts of working out and working up a sweat, but forcing ourselves to actually go in the first place can be an enormous effort to the uninitiated! Instead of beating yourself up whenever you fail to go, find an exercise that works for you and that is easy to commit to. This could be a sport or activity that involves some fitness element, or just a work out at home using online tutorials or your own freestyle methods.

Refocus Your Attention

One of the main factors in bad eating habits, bad food habits and bad lifestyle choices is boredom and apathy. If you are mindlessly repeating the same unhealthy habits without care or fear of consequence, you probably need to change more than just your diet or fitness plan. Change your motivation from ‘I want to be healthier‘ to ‘I want to be healthier because..‘ and come up with a goal. Maybe you want live longer, to run a marathon, to regain energy, to look and feel amazing, to get stronger or to be more successful, figure out what the ultimate goal is and your ability to stick to your new health kick will be much easier.

Stay Inspired

Eventually your determination will start to wane, and it’s important to have something in place to keep you motivated for when this does happen. If there are any fitness gurus or health nutritionists that you admire, perhaps use them as a source of inspiration and follow their blogs or Instagram pages. Being a part of a community can also help you along, so whether you are a part of an online group, or you decide to join a fitness group or weight loss class, support from other like minded people is never a bad thing.