6 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Night Routine

6 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Night Routine

6 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Night Routine

Getting a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance to your health and wellbeing, and it all starts with your night routine. Breaking bad habits that have crept into your pre-sleep routine might not be easy at the start, but after a few weeks the new habit will be enforced and you’ll feel much better mentally and physically. Try these tips below if you want a better night’s sleep.

Tire Yourself Out – Incorporating some form of exercise as part of your evening routine will help you to wind down and tire out after a long day. Don’t leave it too near to bedtime or you may end up getting a burst of energy, but early in the evening is perfect to get some much needed fresh air and exercise.


Meditate – As frequently as you can, spend some time meditating before bed. It will help to clear your mind and relax you which will ensure a good sleep throughout the night.

Switch Off – Switching yourself off is important, but switching off all technology before bed is a must if you want to improve your sleep routine. The bright lights that emit from your phone and laptop screens disrupt your bodies natural sleep rhythm and trick your body into thinking it’s daytime, hence keeping you up all night. Leave your phone in another room and you won’t be tempted by it.

Read A Book – Swap your late night technology habits for a nice book instead. Reading helps you to wind down and makes you tired so incorporating it into your regular night routine is a really good idea.


Take A Hot Shower – Taking a hot shower or bath before bed can help you get a good sleep. The hot water relaxes you and when you get out of the bath or shower your body temperature will be lowered which also makes sleep easier. A hot drink such as milk or hot chocolate also has this effect, just don’t drink anything with caffeine!

Don’t Go To Bed Frazzled – If something needs to be done or you have housework mounting up around you you are likely to feel somewhat stressed going to bed. Make some time in your evening routine to get organised and complete some chores or tasks before hitting the hay and calling it a night. When everything is organised and calm in your life you will feel much more peaceful and your sleep routine will be much better.

Those were our 6 good habits that you can try and adopt into your night routine. Make your sleep routine a priority and you will feel far healthier in the long run.