7 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

7 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

In the US alone, almost 9 million adults make use of medicinals to fall asleep at the right time. However, there are many more natural ways to fall asleep. Here are some of them.

In many cases, insomnia can be cured using natural approaches that do not require artificial chemicals. Here are some of the natural sleep remedies you should try before starting to assume medicines in order to fall asleep at night.

A Hot Bath

Your body cools down as night approaches: it is a sign that it is ready to get under the covers and sleep. Taking a hot bath can mimic the natural temperature change you would experience. Many people declare that by bathing in hot water they also enjoy a higher quality of rest.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This technique consists in tensing and releasing the muscles through your body. You start from the bottom and move up: this action stimulates complete body relaxation and is one of the easiest ways to fall asleep. Read on for more natural sleep remedies.

Prep Your Room

A cluttered room means a cluttered mind. Before going to bed, prepare your bedroom by cleaning it up and removing all unused items. Your work related stuff should stay as far away as possible, and all light sources (including battery chargers) should be turned off.


Another natural sleep remedy to relax you right before heading to bed. Meditation prepares both your body and mind to sleep: remember to breathe deeply!


Perfumes have been known to affect your mood for centuries. Among all of them, the one mostly known to influence the quality of sleep is lavender. Try placing a small bad of it behind your pillow!


Yoga calms your mind and your spirit. The slow and powerful movements release tension from your body and muscles, thus preparing you to go to bed.

Herbal Tea

No caffeine before heading to bed; that’s for sure! However, you can indulge in a light and hot infusion made from valerian or chamomile.

I hope you found these sleep remedies and natural ways to fall asleep useful. May they be of help to you in the future. For more sleep music and tips on the world of relaxation, please visit the rest of our blog!