7 Ways To Sustain A Positive Mindset

7 Ways To Sustain A Positive Mindset

Being in a great place is awesome: you feel on top of things, confident, self-assured. However sometimes it seems that no matter how good we’re feeling internally or how good things are going externally, something comes along and shakes us to our core. Whether it be our confidence or happiness effected, it can be hard to sustain a positive mindset even at our strongest. So we’ve put a small guide to staying happy and positive.

7. Appreciate The Little Things

Taking a moment to look at the sunrise on your commute to work. Savour that post-lunch chocolate bar or that 11am cup of coffee. It’s important to take in the little things which collectively make your day a little lighten. In the midst of deadlines, the daily dread and feeling drained it’s hard to stop and smell the roses.

But the power of positive thinking is key to sustain a positive mindset. You need to appreciate the little things before you can really absorb the wonderful big stuff, like a promotion or a holiday! So stay positive, try this exercise of looking for three little great things everyday.

6. Don’t Overthink The Small Stuff

This is a key way to sustain a positive mindset: our minds can sometimes run rampant, go into overdrive with anxiety and nerves, over the teeniest, tiniest problem. This happens to even the most confident person. It happens and that’s ok. 

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All you need to do is recognise your emotions. Step back from the problem, take a minute to calm your feelings and reproach the issue with a positive mindset and confidence. You can overcome anything, you have before and you will again.

5. Start The Day Right

If you start the day on the wrong foot the rest of the day just doesn’t go to plan, or that’s the way it seems. There are plenty of ways to start the day right. Sleeping well, not being woken up by an abrupt alarm, being in a rush to get out the door. All these negative starts can be prevented thankfully, there are several positive ways to start the day. 

Such as getting a good breakfast, preparing your lunch the night before and ensuring a natural good night’s rest. This way when you wake up and get ready for the day you can take your time and enjoy the morning.

4. Stay Active

Getting out into the fresh air is great after a long day in the office or classroom. Your mind has been working away all day and now it’s time to get the body working! But how does this effect my mind? Two reasons: it gives your mind room to think, get away from the usual thoughts and allows you body to get rid of some energy. Which does wonders for your sleep as you’ll find yourself less restless.

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Getting a good night’s rest is so important when it comes to sustaining a positive mindset as it allows your mind, body and soul to regain it’s strength. Try get an hour of activity in everyday. It doesn’t have to be intense, go for a stroll or throw around a frisbee with a few friends.

3. Remember To Give Your Brain A Break

Your brain never really takes a break, even when you’re sleeping your brain is still working away. A lot of us come home and spend a shameless amount of time scrolling on the internet, watching box sets, videos of babies trying lemons or documentaries. That is a good way to relax, but it still doesn’t give your brain a complete break.Try switching off the lights, getting cosy and listening to some white noise.

Meditation is wonderful for giving your brain a break in the midst of everything. It’s not difficult either, if you’ve never tried it before we have a First-Timers Guide to Meditation which explains all the basic steps to getting your zen on! Try meditating 3 times a week and reel in the power of positive thinking!

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Good company is a direct link to staying positive and staying happy. When we surround ourselves with positive people who make us laugh and feel good it does more for your mind than you would think. Hang out with those who treat you with respect and want to see you do well. Always be a good friend to those who have been good to you!

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Being social is another significant aspect to sustain a positive mindset. If you’re not a party person, no worries, even going for coffee or a walk with a friend will increase your happiness. Hanging out is great for both getting troubles off your mind and for making memories!

1. Know Yourself

Knowing who you are, where your morals lie and what you’re capable of is the key to sustaining a positive mindset and being confident! Know what makes you happy and know what upsets you. When we’re a bit wobbly about who we are it reflects through our thoughts and actions. Everyone had insecurities. That’s normal. But know what your insecurities are and accept them. Remind yourself that you are unique.

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Take some time to reflect once a week. Spend some time alone, get to know who you are and learn to love yourself. When you see yourself in a positive light it makes everything you see and do a bit better, overall it’s the most crucial step in staying positive and staying happing.

There you go guys, 7 Ways to Sustain A Positive Mindset! I do hope this helps you to be confident, stay happy and stay positive!