8 Simple Ways to Calm Down: Best 1 Minute Relaxation Exercises For Stress Reduction

8 Simple Ways to Calm Down: Best 1 Minute Relaxation Exercises For Stress Reduction

Our days can get crazy sometimes, and what we need to calm down are a couple of simple relaxation exercises that act as stress relievers.

The following relaxation methods take less than 1 minute each, and are perfect to decompress throughout the day even when you lack time. They are mainly physical, but do not be drawn aback as they do not require a lot of space to be carried out.

1) Take Deep Breaths

Inhale slowly for five seconds. Hold it in for three seconds. Rinse and repeat for a whole minute; this is one of the simplest ways to calm down. If you are about to get mad about something, it also gives you the opportunity to think things and relax.

2) Door Stretch

For this relaxation exercise you will need an open door. Place your elbow and forearm on the edge of the doorframe. Hold in position for a couple of seconds, then rotate arms and repeat.

3) Focus Breaths

Take deep breaths, and when you finish each one make a positive statement to yourself (for example “I am happy right now” or “today I feel positive and beautiful”). They will reach down to your being and bring positivity.

4) Angel Wall Exercise

Start by leaning your back on a wall. Move slowly and gently your arms from your sides to up, creating a T with your body. Repeat and breath deeply with each movement.

5) Floor Stress Relievers

Lie flat on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Allow yourself to completely relax and enjoy the fresh feeling of the earth on your back.

6) Release Muscle Stress

Roll a tennis ball where you feel tension in your muscles for 5 seconds in each spot. Get help from someone to roll it on the muscle on your back.

7) Take A Small Walk

If you have been sitting down for quite sometime, just get up and take a 1 minute walk. This is especially good if you have been sitting down in an office space for too long and just need a simple stress reduction exercise to decompress.

8) Play Some Music to Relax

If you are in a private place and are able to do this, then go on. You just need to crank up some music and dance for a minute. This will put you in a positive mood and give you motivation to go through the rest of the day.

Here is some music that just got out on one of our partnered youtube channels. Check it out and try it for this exercise.

We hope you enjoyed our music to relax and our relaxation methods. Try them and tell me if they worked out and helped with your stress reduction.