8 Things You Probably Do If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

8 Things You Probably Do If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

8 Things You Probably Do If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is your sleep pattern completely irregular? Don’t worry, in most cases you’re not suffering from insomnia. It’s just a couple of mistakes you’re making that you can totally avoid. Breaking bad habits takes time, but if you want to sleep better, I suggest you to keep reading.

Forget about sleeping pills and all that. The key to sleep better at night is to avoid making these 8 mistakes.

1. You’re Wearing the Wrong Things

Comfort plays a gigantic role when it comes to falling asleep. So, depending on the bedroom’s temperature, you must choose you pajamas wisely! You don’t want to be neither too cold or too hot. Which is why opting for silk pajamas is really the best thing. They keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold!


2. Your Bedroom Is Messy

A clean bedroom has a positive influence on your mind. It’s relaxing to go to bed in a tidy room. Wouldn’t you agree? We talked about this in our article about making your bed everyday.

3. Your Bedsheets Are Too Rough

Even if it seems that the thread count on the bedsheets doesn’t matter, there must be a reason for it to exist. Your body feels the difference. It’s just that your mind won’t allow you to admit that. Aim to get sheets between 200 and 400 thread count. Moreover, try to buy the 100% cotton ones. They’re fully breathable and will make you stay cozy.

4. You’re Watching Too Many Traumatic TV Shows

Again, this is hard to admit. But your mind absorbs all the disturbing images and is most likely going to let you see them again when you’re asleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping but you can’t seem to understand why, it may be just a sign that your brain is in distress. Horror movies are alright, don’t get me wrong. But don’t watch them every night right before bedtime.


5. You’re Exercising Too Late

We’re all about exercising here. But don’t do it shortly before bed. This will increase your body temperatures and activate your mind. Try Yoga instead. It’s a fantastic way to wind-down while still doing a bit of workout.

6. You Don’t Have a Routine to Unwind

We, as human beings, love routines! It’s the very same concept as to why people say that you should pick up a wake up routine. While that can be a way of starting off your day right, a night routine might just be what you need to get you in the perfect mindset to sleep.

7. You Don’t Eat Right

If you’re like me, then you know how hard it is not to eat something before going to sleep. It’s just part of who you are. However, try to pick healthy bedtime snacks if you really have to. Avoid things high in sugar or sodas that might contain caffeine. What makes a healthy bedtime snack? Let’s say that if you go for a fruit there’s no chance of being wrong.

8. You Worry Too Much

Breaking bad habits must start from within. That’s why you need to first put you in the position to stop making all the mistakes you just read. If you’re anxious about not being able to sleep, of course sleeping will become a problem! Clear your mind from worries when you approach your bed. Just close your eyes and let go of everything.

That was quite a lengthy list! Do you think we’ve missed anything? Let us know!