A Meditation Guide: How To Do Transcendental Meditation

A Meditation Guide: How To Do Transcendental Meditation

A Meditation Guide: How To Do Transcendental Meditation

What Exactly Is Transcendental Meditation?

The transcendental meditation technique is similar to any other type of meditation, but what sets it apart is the lack of structure to the practice. Transcendental meditation allows the mind to go where it wants to go with no specific concentration or brain training methods employed. The technique is thought to deliver a far more spiritual and insightful experience and is great if you want a really deep meditation, one that transports the mind to a higher plane of consciousness.

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How is Transcendental Meditation Practiced?

The transcendental meditation technique is usually practiced twice a day for 15 – 20 minutes per session. It is a simple and effortless meditation, you should sit comfortably with your eyes shut and let the meditation flow naturally. Think of it like a stream of consciousness where your interior monologue, all your thoughts and feelings, are set free to swim around your mind and be examined and explored.

A mantra is typically used throughout this meditation.The repetition of a chant is thought to focus the individual and brings a sense of ease and order to the mind, helping it to be less active and therefore at peace.

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What are the benefits of Transcendental Meditation?

As a type of deep meditation, TM offers all the usual benefits of meditation practice such as lowered stress and anxiety, increased energy levels and lowered blood pressure. Some of the other benefits include;

– Decreased fatigue

– Younger biological age

– Decreased reliance on drugs, cigarettes & alcohol

– Decreased depression

– Increased self esteem & confidence

– Increased job satisfaction & performance

How Long Does It Take To Work?

If you practice TM daily, you should start to see the effects very quickly – even just a week or two can yield dramatic results. You will recognise changes in your disposition, your outlook should be more positive and you will feel more capable of tackling and handling challenges than before. You will also see a change in how the mantra works during your your meditation.

At first, your mind is likely to be full of thoughts and you will find it difficult to block them out or to organise them, even whilst repeating a mantra. Over time the thoughts will start to have less of a focus as the mantra becomes your centre of attention. And finally, at the stage of transcendence you will repeat the mantra but your mind will cease to concentrate on it or on your thoughts – you will be able to achieve total peace of mind whilst meditating. This is when you reach a higher plane of consciousness.

With TM it is important to let the meditation lead you, not the other way around. Allow the mantra to flow with ease and change as you meditate, it might get louder, softer, quieter or faster or it might be interrupted by a bout of thoughts. Be aware when you dip in and out of repeating the mantra as your mind becomes distracted so that you can come back to the mantra after your thoughts have passed.

That was our meditation guide for how to do transcendental meditation properly, why not try it this evening or tomorrow morning and see if you too can become an avid follower of this well loved and well established practice.

P.S. If you’re still not convinced watch Ellen Degeneres talk about her love for TM!