Are Rich People Ruining Meditation?

Are Rich People Ruining Meditation?

Are Rich People Ruining Meditation?

Meditation is one of those all-time hits. After thousands of years, pretty much everyone agrees on a few points. You get a more enjoyable love life, it makes you happier, and it is excellent to improve your productivity at work. Additionally, it’s a fairly simple process. Keep it easy! You can do it at home, in a few minutes and, best of all, it costs you nothing. Zero.
Well, kind of. Rich people being rich people, a variety of products and services popped up in the last few years. Some of them are actually great, combining modern technology with eastern wisdom at an affordable price. Others… Not so much.
I love rich people’s problems. So I went on a search for pretty much every way that you can buy your way to enlightenment – for science!

Meditation Stool

My favorite on the list must be this €3,200 meditation stool. The “illusion of a solid abalone cylinder” to rest your head or your bum must be priceless. Or so they must have thought. I’m highly suspicious that this stool wasn’t designed with your meditation needs in focus. But, hey, try it if you can’t resist the temptation. I support you.


Stress Management Tracker

If design items aren’t your thing, they’ve got you covered. Apparently, you can now manage and track your stress activity with a respiration sensor called Spire Stone. A customer on Amazon wrote that the day she forgot it on the charger some strange things happened. The sensor measured calm streaks, busy streaks, every kind of streak in a few hours, nobody wearing it. It also measured a stress streak for a reviewer watching Family Guy. I can’t think of any particularly stressing Family Guy episodes but reach us out on social media if I’m wrong.

Brainwave-Reading Headband

If you want to go for a less discreet wearable experience, a brainwave-reading headband is a great solution. It may actually work. Scientists have found out that meditation does transform your brain activity. Meditation’s impact on your mind, your body, and your health has been scientifically proven. The idea that you can control your brain waves by having their frequency shown to you, however, not so much.


Thymus Gland Enhancer

Last and least, there is a nasal spray claiming to activate your thymus and pineal gland. The product description also mentions vaccines and fluoridation as “spiritual castration”. As a tap water drinking, vaccinated meditation lover, I’ll keep my thoughts for myself on this one.

Keep It Easy

Buying an expensive gadget won’t get you anywhere. I mean – meditation is not a commodity. If you can focus on your breathing, you can meditate. Leave rich people’s problems to rich people and don’t let them ruin meditation for you. As always, keep it easy. There are several inexpensive ways to improve your meditation sessions: music is one of the best among them. Even brainwave-reading headbands finally resort to sounds of birds chirping. Put on our playlist, take a deep breath, and close your eyes. The €3k meditation stool is not required.