Bad Feelings and How To Beat Them: Be a Positive Thinker!

Bad Feelings and How To Beat Them: Be a Positive Thinker!

Bad Feelings and How To Beat Them: Be a Positive Thinker!

Everyone gets a few bad feelings floating around once in a while. The trick lies in how to counter them, regaining a positive attitude and going on with your life!

Here are only a few of the ways in which you can beat the negative feelings that might drag you down. Try and be a positive thinker, using these positive thinking techniques to fight off the slumps you get in life.

Feeling Extra Tired?

If you’re been feeling the seasonal change and are missing the normal energy you normally have, don’t just lay down in bed hoping it will fade away. Fight it off! Go outside, catch some Sun and stretch your legs with a nice walk. Feel only the good vibes of nature, and chug a nice bottle of water while going around. Once you get back home, reward yourself with a healthy fruit snack. You deserve it. And don’t forget: you are awesome!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Ever get the feeling that there are too many deadlines, and that you won’t get enough time to meet all of them? Shake off the bad feelings, and try and be a positive thinker. Set a small, realistic goal you can achieve by the end of the day, and don’t pretend too much from yourself. Deep breath in. Slow breath out. Everything is gonna be alright!


Feeling Bad About Yourself?

Stop. Take a minute to ask why you are so harsh and judging. Are you comparing yourself to someone? What would your friends say if they knew you were thinking this way about yourself? Finally, take a piece of paper, and write down 5 good things about you!


Listen to Good Music.

Surround yourself with beautiful music to fight off bad feelings. Take in only the good vibes! Here is one of the latest videos from our main YouTube channel; check it out.

Feeling better? I hope you could shake off the bad feelings, and find the love and understanding that you deserve to fill your life. Don’t forget to share the positivity by spreading this article; for more info on how to be a positive thinker, check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!