Be Ready for Autumn, Try Fall Yoga!

Be Ready for Autumn, Try Fall Yoga!

Be Ready for Autumn, Try Fall Yoga!

Autumn is the natural time for transformation! During this time of the year, the old leaves begin to fall, and nature prepares itself for sleep and recovery! How about enjoying this moment to renew yourself? Renew habits, beliefs, values, concepts… Yourself. Begin by leaving everything that you no longer need, whether it is material in the world, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body. 

Autumn is therefore a great time to start yoga practice. Fall is often associated with colds and respiratory complications from allergies, which yoga can help fight as it strengthens our entire immune system. To this end, the practice of specific cleaning techniques may be intensified, as well as the practice of postures and breathing exercises aimed at cleaning the lungs and strengthening them. Results are amazing!

Autumn can also be a very windy period of the year. Thus, it is equally important to take advantage of yoga practice to take root, working on our physical, emotional and mental balance. Sometimes we don’t even notice how the seasons actually change our moods. A good yoga practice can greatly help this awareness and our reunion with our center. During fall, nights tend to get longer and the days get shorter. Our body and mind notice the change. There are fewer hours of light, it is cold and the rains make us want to take refuge: nature itself begins to take shelter and prepare for winter. During this period, it is important to listen and adapt our yoga practice to fall.

Here are some tips to getting ready for autumn (and for fall yoga)!

Watch and take care of your nutrition.

Maintaining an ideal energy level means feeling light, calm and rested. If we feel heavy, sad, or exhausted, it is a symbol that we are not digesting over time and calming everything we receive daily. We are exposed to many stimuli that can affect our moods. Observe what you eat and how you feel. Choose hot foods that do not need much digestion time. That way you won’t have to use extra energy in processing them.

Cultivate the silence.

The more you do this, the more you will notice how the whole process begins to fade. Fight the hours of noise with a few moments of absolute silence, without expectations.

Take care of nature around you.

These rhythms and changes are clearly seen in trees and plants, as well as in the behavior of wild animals. If possible, enjoy the sunshine, even if it’s cold. Close your eyes and remain silent in the sun. Take a walk near the trees, change from asphalt to uneven and natural ground. Overcome laziness and search for a horizon to look for for a while. Breathe deeply


Spending time on the body is essential.

When you get home, prioritize your care, your health. The body supports everything we ask and does in silence, until one day it can no longer and then the chronic pains come. So don’t wait for it. Every day for ten minutes or twenty minutes, move nourishingly and listen to what your body needs. Forget the complex and advanced yoga postures. Move with common sense. Observe your own mental, physical and emotional landscape. 

Stay positive.

Create a moment in your day to stop and tune your body and your energies. Autumn is the natural time for regeneration and reflection, and just as winter is on the way, it will pass and spring, bringing new life and opportunities for growth.



Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place one hand on the abdomen and the other on the heart and breathe deeply. Let the body relax. Feel the weight and warmth of your hands on your body. Watch your breath come in and out of the body. When you feel your breathing becoming more regular, start counting your breaths. Practice for 10 minutes every day.

Practice the Child Pose.

Get on your knees, sit on your heels, and place your forehead on the floor. Your hands may rest at the side of the body or the front of the head. Breathe deeply by inflating the back of your back and allowing the head to become heavy so that there is light pressure in the space between the eyebrows. This helps pacify chakra and balance the excess thinking that comes with the season.

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Track your schedules.

Keep a fixed schedule for your day’s main activities, especially mealtimes, as an unruly schedule can lead to unruly thoughts and behaviors. Define a routine and begin to relax it as we approach winter. Autumn is the natural time for reflection and preparation for the coldest season of the year.

Maintain your regular yoga practice! Stay disciplined by practicing your movements with redoubled consciousness and stability during autumn… and start with fall yoga!