Bedtime Routine: Simple Ways To Sleep Better

Bedtime Routine: Simple Ways To Sleep Better

When it comes to having a higher quality better sleep, a proper bedtime routine is everything. Check this list for simple ways to sleep better.

A stressful day can be tolling on our psyche, as well as disruptive to our sleeping patterns. Follow the tips on how to sleep better below, and see if they make a difference to you. Remember; everyone is different, so you should adapt this bedtime routine to your lifestyle.

Prepare During the Day

What you do during the day affects you at night. There are several important activities that influence your sleeping pattern. First of all, sunlight. Laying under the sun influences your biological clock, making it more stable and inducing sleep when night comes. Exercise during the early part of the day is also one of the best ways to sleep better.

Eat the Right Food

Try to avoid food that disrupts your sleep right before going to bed. A spicy or heavy meal, as well as caffeine, can mess up your sleeping patterns. Try eating a banana or a handful of almonds, which are both know for their sleep inducing properties.

Go to Bed Early

Establish a reasonable time at which you have to go to bed, and keep following that bedtime pattern even during the weekends. Remember you should sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night; too little, and you risk napping during the afternoon and staying awake late in the evening!

Relax an Hour Before

Before heading to bed, just relax. Do not engage in stimulating activities, just let your brain prepare for you to go to bed. Close your laptop, switch off your cell phone!

Sounds of Nature

At bedtime, sleep with the sounds of nature. These gentle nature sounds will soothe you with their calming and relaxing properties.

I hope you found this list of ways to sleep better helpful. Let me know if you have your own secret for a better sleep!