Best Meditation Music Playlist – Top 5 Meditation Songs & Albums

Best Meditation Music Playlist – Top 5 Meditation Songs & Albums

Looking for some relaxing meditation music to listen to during your meditation sessions? If you don’t have your personal online music playlist with meditation songs, now it’s time to create yours.

1. The best meditation music and new age songs come from the Queen of this musical genre: Enya. Among her beautiful songs we would like to remember the amazing “May it Be”, she sang for “The Lord of the Rings”. A song which perfectly recreates the magical atmospheres of Peter Jacksons’s movies.

2. ITunes can offer a variety of meditation music online albums with different style of new age music: with oriental instruments, sounds of nature, meditation mantras and so on. This meditation songs collection deserves your attention if you’re an expert of this genre: “50 Meditation Music for Mindfulness Exercises”, 50 tracks to help you relax and be in peace with yourself.

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3. Nowadays there are several possibilities for people who want to enjoy music on internet. After iTunes comes Spotify, which plays all the music you desire. It you’re new at this, have your preview by clicking on the playlist here below called “Deep Meditation”.

4. Sometimes nature sounds can be really relaxing. Different of them are available on YouTube, from bird songs to cricket sounds and ocean waves or gentle rain sounds. For my playlist I chose to play underwater sounds, because they are relaxing and soothing. So why not trying yourself?

5. If you’re looking for a meditation for beginners here is a complete video you can play with meditative music and a guiding voice which will lead you on a journey inside your mind. Taking the first steps in meditation could be hard sometimes, and it’s easy to get lost inside your thoughts. That’s why you can start with a guided meditation, sat in a comfortable position, eyes closed, and controlling your breathing. All you have to do is follow the voice and the music.