8 Crucial Steps to Meditation

8 Crucial Steps to Meditation

Meditating takes a certain amount of preparation and of order. Here are 8 simple ways in which you can improve the quality of your meditation.

The quality of your meditation is the result of specific variables. Your mental state, your body and your surroundings all influence how you feel after a session. Here are some meditation steps that can change the way your mind will react to mindfulness and deep concentration.

The Place & Time

Choose a special place and set aside some special time during which you can meditate. The atmosphere has to help build up the right mood in order for your mind to stay calm and concentrated.

The Posture

Sit back, cross your legs and relax. One of the most important meditation steps is making sure that your posture is not forced and that you are feeling comfortable.

The Habit

Making your meditation session a habit will gradually ensure that your mind gets used to it. Meet the same conditions each day, and drowsing off will get easier and easier as time goes by.

The Breath

Regulate your breathing. Let it flow without forcing it, but concentrate on it by reaching a rhythmic and enjoyable pattern.

The Mind

Tell your mind to remain quiet while you maintain your meditation posture. Let no stray negative thoughts bother you lest you wish to interrupt this special moment.


If your mind does persist wandering and latching itself to stray thoughts, try disassociating with from it. Concentrate your focus on something else, your focal point.

The Focal Point

Your focal point is the object off of which you can base your meditation. It can be a sentiment, a mantra, a scenery or just a physical object. Hold your concentration on that focal point during your whole meditation.

The Awareness

Reach a place of pure though and awareness, erasing your physical body. After long practice, you will reach a superconscious state of bliss and deep understanding.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of ways to meditate better. Follow my blog for more helpful tips on meditation and news regarding mindfulness.