Clearing Your Chakras in 5 Easy Steps

Clearing Your Chakras in 5 Easy Steps

Clearing Your Chakras in 5 Easy Steps

Clear yourself from the resentment, from negative feelings and anger you are keeping bottled up inside. Here are 5 easy way to do so.

If you are feeling less vital as of late, you could be experiencing an unclean chakra. Sick of having blocked chakras? Here are 5 ways in which you can clean them up; these will leave you feeling beautifully refreshed once you are done!

Drinking Lemon Water

A drink that is ridiculously inexpensive to make, but that supplies your body with countless benefits. Among these, the fact that it is a great source of Vitamin C while also aiding with digestion and skin cleansing. Clean inside, and clean outside. Start purifying your chakras by working on your body first.

Natural Light

Try spending at least an hour a day in natural daylight. Let the sun caress you, and take a walk in a park near you. Try to connect as much as possible with nature, and let its positivity cleanse you.

Reduce Technology Exposure

Stay away from technology before going to bed. Try not to fall asleep in front of a TV or a cell phone; your resting place should be sacred, and no disturbance should be able to reach you while you are in it. Charge your phone or laptop in another room.

Meditate 3 Times a Week

Make time through the week to meditate mindfully. Dedicate half an hour every other day to reflect on how you appreciate everything you have. You are enough, and you have enough. Be grateful and stay peaceful while you meditate on this.


Listen to Soothing Sounds

Let the soothing sounds of nature of this chakra clearing music permeate your body.

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