Color Therapy or Chromotherapy? The new Spiritual Healers

Color Therapy or Chromotherapy? The new Spiritual Healers

Do you know what colour therapy is?  This form of therapy is also called chromotherapy and it’s a form of energy healing we can use to feel better. Here’s what you need to know about color therapy.

Understanding Color Therapy

Chromotherapy is a way of healing the body because it helps get us in a certain mood or state. Color impacts our moods, emotions, and feeling. Color and impact our overall well-being. We can use color for energy healing in our lives. Colours also give insight into our overall personality too. Color can also impact our perception as certain colors can give different looks to things such as a room, for example.

Color may be able to help those that are sick and not feeling well. In the ancient time colors were used all the time in the healing arts. Spiritual healer often used color therapy in their healing. It can also be combined with music therapy to create a complete healing art that can help individuals heal. Chromotherapy really does work and it can help you too.

Understanding Colors

Here’s how the various colors can help you in colour therapy:

  • Red – This brings warmth, stimulation, and energy. Red can help with fatigue, colds, blood circulation, and it can help improve the heart. You can energize your taste, smell, hearing, touch, and vision. You should not treat cancer with red as it stimulates the growth of cells. Red can help areas of the body that are stiff or constricted so it can help muscle problems.
  • Orange – Orange is warm and non-constricting. Orange can free the mind and the body. This color can be used in Chromotherapy to create enthusiasm and to stimulate creative thinking. If you’re looking for new ideas you should use orange. Orange can also help the digestion and the respiration.
  • Yellow – You can use yellow to strengthen your mind and nerves. If you have nerve conditions you want to use more yellow.
  • Green – Green is a color that can be used in almost any healing because it brings harmony and balance to things. Green is an overall great color for healing.
  • Blue – Blue is electric, cooling and astringent. It can be used as an antiseptic. This color is great for inflammations in the body.
  • Indigo – This color helps to purify your blood and can help with mental problems. If you need to purify your body you need indigo.
  • Purple – This colour helps with hysteria, melancholy, delusions, and addictions. This color can help to heal the spirit.
  • White – White brings harmony and balance in your body.
  • Magenta – This color helps with your life’s purpose and it can help with heart activity
  • Pink – This color helps with sadness and grief and can restore youthfulness.
  • Turquoise – In color therapy you can use this color to increase your sensitivity and intuition. This color is also great for the skin.
  • Brown – You can get grounding and protection with brown. This color can also help you create positive relationships and help you with financial problems.
  • Black – In color therapy black can help you heal and banish evil from your life as well as negativity.

Try chromotherapy in your life and you will see improvement. Color therapy can work for you just like it has worked for many other people. Just have a look at the video to experience the power of energy healing through the colors of the flower.


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