Dark Ambient: The Best Scary Halloween Music 2015

Dark Ambient: The Best Scary Halloween Music 2015

– 2 Days to the scariest night of the year! Halloween 2015 is around the corner… Are you ready to celebrate with friends and family, all while listening to the right dark ambient music? Here is a selection of our songs you can use for your parties and gatherings!

We created this collection of our best dark ambient and house music you can listen to during your halloween 2015 party. Try listening to all of these options, and see if any of them suits your needs!

Best Music Video

Directly from our youtube channel comes a little know video with a selection of great dark ambient tracks. Creepy classical music with funeral marches, sounds of nature and a dash of mystery. Listen to these scary and unusual sounds in the background to create suspense, maybe when telling a horror story to your friends in order to scare them.

Best Halloween 2015 Album

Or maybe, is your party more of an animated kind, the one where you hope there will be dancing? Here is the crazy album that satisfies your needs to dance all night long with your friends! This music from the album “50 Scary Halloween Music” can be so scary, because it’s filled with spooky and creepy music, shrieks and chills running down your spine. All for a night you are not bound to forget… (Click on the title or on the cover of the album to listen to the preview on iTunes)

spooky halloween music

Best Halloween 2015 Playlist

Or, finally, are you more the type of person that appreciated the classics, and the pleasant sensation that true dark gothic music can give you? Well, we created this playlist to satisfy even your needs! Try listening to it, and remember to follow Meditation Relax Club on Spotify to be always updated with our music news!

I’m sure you can find the right soundtrack to your dark ambient Halloween 2015 party. If you’re planning something at home, it’s perfect to create a ghostly atmosphere to wait for all the children who are going to ring your bell during this night! May our creepy music put you in the right spirit for this scary occasion! And don’t forget your trick or treat!