Diet for Depression: 5 Foods to Boost Morale

Diet for Depression: 5 Foods to Boost Morale

Diet for Depression: 5 Foods to Boost Morale

There is no scientifically proven diet that is 100% sure to heal your depression forever. There are, however, some very helpful foods that help with morale boost. Here are just 5 of many!

You can try fitting these foods for depression in your everyday diet. They all have chemical properties that help your body release compounds that fight against depression. Check them out, and buy a bunch the next time you take a trip at the store!

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate. A favorite of mine. Can’t miss out on a cube of this little treat in the morning as soon as I wake up. But do be careful; if indulging in a small piece can help you raise your levels of happiness thanks to a chemical called phenylethylamine, some studies indicate that people that eat the most chocolate have a higher likelihood of depression.


These are great mood boosters for a different couple of reasons. First of all, they help fight mood swings keeping your sugar blood stable. Second, they promote healthy gut bacteria, keeping you happy. They are great in any diet against depression for a morale boost.


Full of carbohydrates, of potassium and Vitamin B6, bananas help balance your blood sugar level and keep your mood even through the day. Plus, nature provides its own convenient packaging to carry them around!

Walnuts and Brazil Nuts

Nuts in general are packed full of fatty acids, which have been shown to boost brain functions and reduce symptoms of depression. Nibble some while at the office or after a workout in order to stay happy.



Time to spice things up before ending our list of of great foods against depression. Chilies might feel hot on your tongue, and not everybody may like them, but they are great for releasing endorphins in your brain! So, what are you waiting for? Chop some up, and add them to your savory meal in order to give it a nice kick.

We hope that thanks to this list you can figure out the best diet for depression to fit your needs. For more information on a healthy lifestyle, check out the rest of our blog!