Dominic Miller: Classical Guitar Music Hero

Dominic Miller: Classical Guitar Music Hero

Hi Guys,

we have already talked about new age music and suggestions for a relaxing music playlist , but never introduced you to a great classical guitar music artist/musician who has a sort of double life.

Dominic Miller is better known to be the “Sting Guitarist” and in fact he plays guitar on all Sting’s tours and on studio albums as well. He also co-wrote Shape of My Heart with Sting. His style is very versatile and spread from jazz to rock to blues. He also played with Chris Botti who has been Sting trumpet player on many records and tours, and in the past with Phil Collins.

But Dominic Miller is also a great classical guitar music player and since 1995 he released 9 albums. They are all great for relaxation and we are gonna give you his Soundcloud page where you can listen to some of his samples.

My favorite albums are the first two, First Touch (1995) and 2nd Nature (1999). I’m still listening to them after almost 20 years after their release and this means this is great music. Soft, intimate, calm music. I really suggest you listen to his works.

Here’s the song Catalan

And here’s the link of his new single Tisane, a nice relaxing music download:

On the same page you can find some more samples of his previous album. I know they are just short samples, so in case you want longer sets, here you go with a new relaxing music playlist, so one hour of free relaxation music:

This is something we did. Let us know what you think about it! Still with calm guitar music. And on our wewbsite you can also find relaxation music free download