Energy Healing: The 4 Bodies of Energy

Energy Healing: The 4 Bodies of Energy

Energy Healing: The 4 Bodies of Energy

Recent theories state that our bodies are actually made up of four distinct parts. One, our physical body, is the most tangible of all. The others, however, have the same importance: find out what they are and how to influence them.

Our bodies are made up of four separate parts (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), and each one of them should be properly balanced. Whilst the first one is the only one with a presence which can be perceived, the others also have a weight on on our wellbeing. They envelop us, creating a protective ring of peace and understanding. The ultimate goal to achieve serenity is to unify and bring peace to these parts: here is how they work, and how to affect them.

Physical Body

Our physical body, as simple as it seems. Our skin, our organs, our hair. The matter we are made of, susceptible to the toll of time and passing of ages. We usually know if our physical body is well or not, hurt or healthy, because it gives us signs. To keep in shape you can simply practice energy healing through acupuncture or massages, or do daily yoga sessions.

physical body massage

Emotional Body

Some believe that our emotional body extends a few millimeters around the body. It is the bridge between the physical and the mental; comprised of our nervous system, hormones and the tide of waters in our body. If this is balanced, you will be less judging of others, more honest and generous. To bring peace to this part of you, practice acts of forgiveness, touch therapy and therapeutic crying.

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Mental Body

Our prejudice, our thoughts and our attitude. This is how we perceive the outside world to be, and how we value ourselves. One that might have a misbalance with this part of themselves may have sociopathic tendencies, or no empathy towards others. In order to fix this, you can try and get in touch with your emotions by talking to a spiritual healer or guide with great knowledge.

mental body

Spiritual Body

This is our connections to all other things that exist. To the divine, to a higher being and to other states of self. One who is balanced with this body can be highly creative, and can operate without limits. He can create actions and objects from ideas. If unbalanced, the spiritual body can bring a lack of connection with others and a feeling of entitlement. To bring equilibrium to this side of you, you can practice mindfulness meditation or chakra balancing.

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I hope you found this article useful, and that it may be of help in bringing peace to your soul, body and mind. For more useful info on a new age lifestyle, check out the rest of the Meditation Relax Club blog!