An extraordinary Brain Power thanks to Study Music

An extraordinary Brain Power thanks to Study Music

The use of music while you are studying or working is a great way to build your concentration.

Not all music is the same though, and all music does not have the same effect.  For example, the music in the classical genre has been known to increase intelligence.  Trance or rock music has been used for motivational reasons. It is a good idea to immerse oneself with classical music styles when you have a complex problem that needs to be solved.  It can boost your ability concentrate and is an excellent choice of music to study to.

The first thing you want to do before you begin working or studying is to relax the mind and use some Concentration Techniques.  Let the music play for a few moments, (here is an example of study music) close your eyes, and let if fill your senses.  Follow the beat with your breath.  Inhale, and then exhale.  Slowly open your eyes, and begin.  It is really simple.

If you need to feel motivation and a boost to your spirit, then select some trance or techno styled music.  This type of music is often better than rock because it is more simple for the brain to follow.

The way you listen to your music is also important.

Invest in headphones that will block out the external sounds and noises to help you avoid distractions.  They do not have to be really expensive, but you are trying to drown out ambient noises.  When the ambiance around you is quiet, then you do not need headphones.  However, be sure you cannot be distracted by outside noise.

At the end of the day everyone is different and musical tastes vary greatly from person to person.  However, there is nothing wrong with a little experimentation.  You can explore and find music that really speaks to you.

–> here are some examples:

Study Music – Classical Music for Studying (a collection of the most famous classical music online to help you study and work)

Study Music: Brain Power, Concentration & Focus on Learning (the title tells you everything you need to know 😉 and it’s new age music with nature sounds)

Studying Music: Modern Piano Music for Studying (solo piano music to improve your concentration)

Effects on human brain

According to research, music does aid in retention, absorption, and the retrieval of information.  Play classical music in the background when your children are doing homework or studying.  This will help you concentrate, memorize and focus.

Young children enjoy music that is soothing.  It helps them to calm and relax, especially when they are using their brains for activities and putting together puzzles.  They are more productive while music is playing than when it is not.

Music has a very powerful effect on the human brain.  It is important to preset your study music playlist ahead of time, so all you have to do is work while the music plays in the background.

When you have the right music to study or work to it can help you be more productive because it is a boost to your senses.