Feeling Weak: How To Fight Feeling Tired With Inspirational Music

Feeling Weak: How To Fight Feeling Tired With Inspirational Music

When seasons change, we suddenly start to feel weak and perceive a powerful loss of strength in our body. Feeling tired is normal in these cases, but we must know how to react.

As soon as the cold ices of winter melt down and the warm sun of spring starts knocking at our door, we should all start awakening from the slumber in which we fell during the cold season. However, some of us find it more difficult than others to wake up. This condition is also known as asthenia, the feeling of fatigue that is perceived by a body which has recently experienced a loss of strength.

Asthenia symptoms include:

Loss of Strength

Feeling Tired

Sleeping a Lot

Appetite Loss

Coordination Problems

Communication Difficulties

Asthenia is not serious, and can happen as often as in one every ten people. Do not be afraid if you feel weak when the warm season is starting, as there are many reasons for you to be feeling tired. First of all, there are more hours of light during the day, and your body is reacting to this. You are getting ready to get out of the period of “hibernation” your body went through, and waking up uses a lot of its energy.

Another reason is the lack of exercise which you probably experienced through the cold winter months. Feeling weak is normal, but you must start to wake your body up. If you must, do it by force, and start enjoying the nice weather as soon as possible!

Here is some inspirational music to help you fight feeling tired!