Free Music Download Online: Christmas Season

Free Music Download Online: Christmas Season

Christmas season is officially opened, so it’s time to think about Christmas tree decorations, to lit a Christmas candle, and why not? To listen to the traditional Christmas songs.

We don’t want to turn this blog into a Christmas website, but it’s sure that Christmas magic is all around.

I remember when I was a little child, I used to do the Christmas tree with my mum and dad and usually we had a Christmas music soundtrack to entertain us during the “making of”.

Today, I still love listening to Christmas carols during the Chrismas season, and I admit it, this year I have begun really soon, for Christmas songs are perfect for every occasion. You listen to “Jingle Bells” while watching the window shops, “Silent night” is perfect on a snowy night, while “We wish you a merry Christmas” has a funny refrain that you softly sing while putting on the Christmas tree decorations.

Then there are other background music to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere with bells and tinkles, nature sounds and soft music. This is why this weekly free mp3 is a mix of new age relaxation and Christmas music to help you relax, maybe sleep, and fully enjoy Christmas holidays with your family and friends.

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Like the Christmas candle is a sign for hope and joy, Night Illusion, that’s the title of this song, is a lullaby which brings you to the christmas village “and the thing that’ll make it ring, is the carol that you sing, right within your heart”.

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