Good Habits that Keep You Strong

Good Habits that Keep You Strong

“The strong man is the one who is able to intercept at will the communication between the senses and the mind.”

Sometimes, it seems like all that could possibly have gone wrong did so. We feel powerless, defeated, and unable to pick ourselves up again. You keep thinking “how could this happen to me?”, instead of “what can I do to fix this?”. So here are some good habits you can adopt in order to keep strong even during the darkest and most unfortunate of times.

Stay Positive

You have a choice: either you use your energy in a positive or productive way, or you can let it spiral you down in a feeling of helplessness and despair. When something happens to you, do not let yourself believe that you are a slave to circumstances. Be proactive, and act in a way that can make you feel better or turn the situation around. If you do not, the regret of not trying to make a change will eat at you in the future!

Be Grateful

Be grateful towards others, but also towards yourself. Find things that can help you cope during hard times and let them aid you when you are feeling overwhelmed by difficult circumstances. Practice focusing on what is going right, and let it always be a reminder that not all that surrounds us is darkness and negativity. Be grateful, be positive!


Whatever happens, let it be. Be mindful in front of events, and look at them from afar with a critical eye. Do not let emotions get the best of you, and build an inner sense of non-resistance. If this becomes part of your everyday good habits, you will find yourself thinking about problems and their solutions more clear minded.

Forgive Others

Remind yourself that other people are not acting out of evilness, but they are doing so driven by feeling of self-preservation. Forgive others and try analyzing why they acted in a certain way, and maybe if the way you retaliated has hurt their feelings in return.

Trust Yourself

We all make mistakes along the way, nobody is perfect. But we need to trust ourselves, or else we will dwell in insecurities forever. Take your time considering the options, but when you pick one trust yourself.

I hope you found this list of good habits to keep strong during hard times useful. Stay positive, true to yourself and leave all doubts behind!