Happy World Earth Day from Meditation Relax Club!

Happy World Earth Day from Meditation Relax Club!

Happy Earth Day from Meditation Relax Club!

On this date, let us think about how to protect and preserve our planet, learning to love it and protect its creatures.

Its April 22nd, and if you have visited Google today you might have noticed the peculiar doodle that celebrates Earth Day 2015. Have you already taken your quiz and discovered the animal that most represents you?

Since 1970, this date has been a day on which to consider what we could do to protect the environment and our planet. It is a day to remember that we are not alone on this small rock floating around in space, and that we need to protect the beings that are endangered by our actions because once they are lost they will be gone forever. It is a day of peace and loving for all that is alive, and a way to thank mother nature.

So let us celebrate in our own way, by listening to one of the most relaxing sounds that mother nature can provide: falling rain sounds. Let it relax you and cleanse your soul today while you meditate on the state of our world.

Once again, Happy Earth Day 2015!