Having Trouble Sleeping? Here’s 5 Videos of Relaxing Sleep Music

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here’s 5 Videos of Relaxing Sleep Music

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here’s 5 Videos of Relaxing Sleep Music

Struggling to fall asleep is a very common problem. Maybe it’s because your mind is busy worrying about the tasks you have for the next day and just refuses to shut down, or maybe you simply can’t find the right sleeping position and keep turning and twisting in your bed. Some days you wake up and you don’t even feel completely rested, which is frustrating and puts you in a bad mood.

The answer to fix these issues could lie in the mindset that you’re in while you’re falling asleep: if you’re feeling relaxed and stress-free, it will certainly improve the overall quality of your sleep. A soothing musical background is the simplest way to help you reach this mood, and YouTube offers plenty of options.

Keep reading to discover the best videos of relaxing sleep music on the platform, you just need to pick which soothing sounds you prefer.

1. Delta Waves

Our brain gives off particular kind of waves depending on the kind of activity that it’s involved in. The waves produced while we’re getting a good sleep are called Delta Waves, and they basically tell your mind that you are fully rested. These waves can be stimulated by sounds at a certain frequency, which is what you will hear in this video.

2. Nature Video

Many people say that the only time they get an actual good night sleep is when they go on vacation, far from the noise and chaos of the city. In that case, a solution to sleep better is bringing the sounds of the nature to you while you’re trying to fall asleep. If you put on videos like this one, with the tweeting of the birds and the swishing of the wind though the branches will make you feel like you’re nowhere near your stressful everyday life.

3. Classical Piano

The mellow and soothing sound of a classical piano is probably the first go-to music for those who are seeking a tranquil time. This video provides you with more than 50 minutes of piano melodies, that can be adopted as sleep meditation music. The softness of the keys will transport you in another, carefree dimension, allowing you to let go of the anxiety and the troubles of life and get the sound sleep you deserve.

4. Rain Sounds

Still having trouble sleeping and you think music is not working? Maybe what you need is something simpler and quieter, like the sound of the rain. This video provides you exactly with that, the soothing and smooth pouring of a downfall, a gentle soundtrack to fall asleep to.

5. Meditation to Sleep

If you’re interested in experimenting with a different and out-of-the-box solution, you could try a guided sleep meditation. It involves soothing sounds and melodies combined with a gentle voice that guides you into the deepest relaxation, with breathing exercises and calming words that lead you to let go of all your worries and stresses, softly drifting you away into sleep.

Have you tried or are you willing to try any of these options to get a better sleep? Let us know in the comments!