How Meditating with Your Cat Can Make Your Life Better

How Meditating with Your Cat Can Make Your Life Better

How Meditating with Your Cat Can Make Your Life Better

Better creativity, improved health, emotional balance. These are only some of the benefits you can gain by meditating with your cat.

“A long time ago, an old Zen Buddhist master kept a cat by his side during his meditation lessons. When the master passed away, his disciples took his place, and decided to allow the cat to stay with him and the other monks. The word spread across the land, and other monasteries began talking about it.

The meditating cat passed on, but the monks were so used to his presence that they soon found another cat that could take his place. This became a tradition in that area, and studies began to be written on the importance of cats during meditation. Thesis of the effect of felines on emotional balance, and their power to lower stress, began to pop up.

This was until a master allergic to cat hair appeared. He removed the cat; the monks were not happy at first, but they soon accepted it as he was a really good master. Technical treaties began to appear talking about how you should balance the Zen universe with your power alone, without the help of animals.

A hundred years passed, and cats completely disappeared from monasteries. But two centuries had passed before everything went back to normal, because no-one had questioned the presence of the cat.”


This was only an interesting Japanese story, but it does hide some truth. Recent studies have proven that proximity to cats can help with stress management and emotional balance. Petting them can help you lower stress, and it regulates your heartbeat.

Next time you get the chance to do so, try adding your cat to your meditation session. Let him stay by your side while he is calm and relaxed. Let his soft purring soothe you and bring emotional balance. May petting him gently help you with stress management and with your relaxation techniques.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you can learn to love your animal friend even more thanks to it. Let us know in the comments down below if these tips worked for you, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!