How To Beat The Blues: 5 Ways To Feel Happy!

How To Beat The Blues: 5 Ways To Feel Happy!

How To Beat The Blues: 5 Ways To Feel Happy!

Whether you are fighting depression or simply feeling down, the blues are something that affect us all. A dip in our mood can make us unproductive, unmotivated and have us thinking negatively. So how can we tackle the dark, grey cloud that sometimes forms above our head and refuses to go away?

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Well, it’s not always easy and with serious mental health issues feeling happy might be a long way away. But if you are simply experiencing a mild decline in your mood there are lots of things you can do to cheer yourself up and start beating the blues once and for all. Here are 5 things you can do to make yourself feel good when the going gets tough.

1. Watch Some Silly Videos Online

Having a bit of a giggle will see your spirits soar in no time, and there is no shortage of comedic footage online to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a cat lover, enjoy prank videos or you want to watch a baby panda sneezing the online world is your oyster!

2. Make A Mood Playlist

If you find yourself regularly needing to beat the blues, why not be prepared and make your own playlist filled with all the songs you know will make you feel upbeat and positive. Or alternatively, listen to some downbeat songs to match your mood, sometimes that works too. In the words of Eminem, “music can alter moods and talk to you”.

3. Buy Yourself Flowers

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion or for someone to buy them for you! Flowers will automatically brighten up your surroundings with their vibrant colours and sweet aromas so purchase your favourite bunch and put them wherever you need them the most.

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4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes small changes are all we need to get us out of a funk. If you are fighting depression it could do you the world of good to do some organising, not only to take your mind off things, but to give you a fresh perspective and a new lease of life. Change something in your home, no matter how big or small, and your brain will recognise that you are making some kind of positive progress.

5. Embrace Your Mood

Sometimes, when all else fails, it’s okay to stop trying to beat the blues. Feeling happy shouldn’t be forced too much, so if you are trying to get out of your bad mood and nothing is working then allow yourself to give into it for a little bit. Take a nap, eat some comfort food and watch a sad movie. When you feel like you’ve gotten all the sadness out of you, then you can try to feel good again!

Those were our 5 ways to feel happy again when life is getting you down. If a bad mood strikes, look after yourself as best as you can and try to prop yourself up rather than tear yourself down. Learning to love and accept yourself is the biggest step towards leading a happier and more successful life.