How To Create A Luxury Spa Experience At Home

How To Create A Luxury Spa Experience At Home

How To Create A Luxury Spa Experience At Home

Spa days are great but they can be pricey, especially if you go for a luxurious, top of the range package. Creating your own home spa is a great alternative to the real thing and still offers you deep relaxation and stress relief if done properly. It is important to pamper yourself every now and again so follow these steps and learn how to make a luxurious home spa and homemade spa treatments in just a few easy steps.

Set-Up – Get ready for your spa evening by getting the room prepared. Fluffy white towels are a must if you want to feel like you are in a real luxury spa. Other elements you could include are a white robe and slippers, candles to dot around the place, fresh plants or petals to sprinkle in the bath and of course lots of pampering products. If you buy them from a real spa the experience will be all the more authentic.

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Music – Set the right mood with the perfect spa playlist. This will take your home spa to the next level and induce deep relaxation.

Exfoliate – Get rid of those dead skins cells with some deep body exfoliation. You can buy an exfoliator or, as this is a home spa experience, make a homemade version using brown sugar, olive oil and honey. Scrub your body with the mixture until you feel silky and smooth. You could also try dry brushing your body which is thought to increase circulation and fight cellulite.

Face Mask – With so many types to choose from that offer different benefits to your skin, a face mask is a great addition to any spa night. There are tonnes of recipes to choose from to make your own but here’s one you can try out to get started; simply mix one teaspoon each of avocado, plain yogurt and honey together for a moisturising mask that will tackle dry skin.

Bubble Bath – No spa night is complete without running a hot bubble bath to soak in for an indefinite amount of time. Make your bath luxurious and spa-like by using lots of scented bubble bath and bath salts. Adding in essential oils will leave your skin feeling moisturised afterwards.

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Those are some of our steps for creating your own home spa experience. If you are feeling stressed make sure to relax and pamper yourself; setting aside some time once a week to indulge in some simple spa treatments can really rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!