How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

Our home reflects who we are, and creating personal spots where we live gives us a sense of security and belonging. Here are some tips to create the perfect meditation space at home!

A place to call home – where we belong, where we eat, where we sleep, where we play, where we can finally lay back after a long day at work. Giving a touch of ourselves and our personality to our living place is extremely important, as it helps defining our interests and giving a meaning to what we do.

If, just like me, you like to meditate while at home, you are probably aware that creating the perfect meditation space to do so can be no easy feat. When we walk by our desks, we remember the work that is piling up. When we pass by the fridge, we think of the food inside it that we could eat. When we are close to electronics, we are tempted to pick them up and play with them. A meditation space is a place to practice stillness and to separate ourselves from these desires that could tempt us.

How to meditate at home – Create your personal sanctuary

Start by defining what you are searching in a meditation space. There are many different types of meditation, and the spot you will be creating will change in regards to the purpose that it will serve. Is it to create clarity, inner calm or understanding?

When you have answered these questions, start decorating your place. Do you want it to be religious? In that case, adorn it with statues from your religion. Display what you hold dear, and what helps you stay relaxed.

Finally, make it a comfortable place. Get some cushions on which to sit, and place some candles for some atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for meditation; for more articles on how to meditate at home, skim through the rest of the blog! You’ll find many interesting articles explaining different kinds of meditation exercises and music to go with them.