How to Deal with Valentine’s Day after a Breakup

How to Deal with Valentine’s Day after a Breakup

How to Deal with Valentine’s Day after a Breakup

Valentine’s Day is hard if you’re recently single. Especially so if your ex has met someone new. How it haunts you, the thought of them gazing into each other’s eyes over a glass of wine while you’re sadly looking at your phone. Or – dare I say it – the idea that they’re enjoying our love playlists. The two of them laughing in love while you’re wondering if gifting your ex a dead smelly fish is a good idea.

If any of the points above apply to you, then this is the guide you were looking for.

Valentine’s Day and Social Media

No matter how self-deprecating you get, posting endless stories, tweets or statuses about your breakup won’t make you feel any better. If you really need the release, set up an alt account or limit your stories to actual close friends. You don’t want that video of yourself lipsyncing to Adele’s Hello over a black and white filter to get public.

How to Handle Your Ex on Valentine’s Day

To end my last relationship, I told my ex something along the lines of “I just want you to be happy.” Then, when he took up with someone else, I realized that I was blatantly lying. This had never been the case: I wanted to be happy. I found his new commitment rude.
But what if he or she reaches out to you on Valentine’s Day? You may feel flattered. Is this an opportunity he or she is using to say “I miss you”?
If I were you, I wouldn’t act on my instincts. He or she is probably using that opportunity to gauge whether or not that door is still open. Showing them endless availability will not work in your favor: it definitely won’t help you with the power struggle you’re probably stuck in.

Love Yourself Mantras

While not great for dealing with your exes, Valentine’s Day is perfect to nurture your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself. If you’re feeling low, you may try repeating positive affirmations. Mantras for self-worth will help you remind that your value doesn’t hinge on your relationship status or anyone else.



Practice Valentine’s Day Yoga

It may surprise you, but a yoga mat may be your most valuable ally. There, you can actually be present in the now, without your mind wandering to past experiences or to your breakup. Your yoga teachers may even show you how you’re physically storing your emotions deep within your heart. Start your Valentine’s Day with a few awakening asanas focusing on your Heart Chakra. Rather than bemoaning the past, start taking action and shake the negativity buried within you away. Download Chakra Meditation Balancing on the App Store, tap on the green button and start practicing. Alternatively, listen to the video below. You’ll be off to the best possible start for your post-breakup Valentine’s Day.