How to Heal Yourself: 5 Ways to Self Healing with Reiki Music

How to Heal Yourself: 5 Ways to Self Healing with Reiki Music

If you’re wondering on how to heal yourself or how to practice a healing meditation, guided by some healing music or reiki music, this is the post for you.

The human body is capable of amazing feats: it can auto regenerate and repair damage that an active life inflicts on it. Some actions we take can speed up the process and help us and induce the process of self healing in order to help us reach an equilibrium.

One of these is the practice of Reiki, an ancient Japanese art that involves palm massage. Our twist involves the use of healing music as we believe that it induces the right state of mind to begin the process of meditation and recovering. In these article we will reveal the most efficient methods to live in happiness and self heal by using these 5 simple steps.

Getting started

Before you start you need to get organized. You will need a comfortable plane surface, but remember to grab some incense and essential oils if you want to make the most out of this experience.

Relaxing is the Key to a great start

Find a spot in your house where to stay and grab some specific Reiki music to listen and get in the right mood.

Surround yourself in a relaxing atmosphere

This might seem easy but sometimes finding the right state of mind to commence self healing can prove to be challenging. Some Reiki music might just do the trick and help you relax. Here is our personal recommendation:

Involve your loved ones

Reiki is a practice that can be shared with your loved ones. Physical contact is essential in Reiki and you and your partner may enjoy the use of scented oils in this private moment of relaxation.

Importance of breathing

Breathing is an essential feedback in practicing Reiki and can be induced through slow and relaxing rhythms such as the one above. A good choice would be specific healing music that also stimulate your self healing process.

Just remember to stay positive and let the healing begin!

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