How to Meditate: Beginners Meditation for Kids

How to Meditate: Beginners Meditation for Kids

Want to teach children the basics of meditation, but you do not know where to start? Here are some tips that might help you out!

Mindfulness and meditation are states of mind that are generally attributed to adults and adults only. For years, we have perceived that they are of interest only for grown ups, but now that belief is about to change. There are new found interests in discovering new ways to teach this discipline also to children. You do not have to be an expert to do so; the steps are simple and easy to understand. Here are a few tips to get started on teaching children how to meditate.

Breathing Deeply. If you are just starting to approach the art, you probably know that every beginners meditation starts from a good breathing technique. It’s like an anchor to which you can hold on your thoughts: try explaining this to children through this metaphor, and tell them to pay close attention to the rhythm of their body and to how their chest comes out only to sink down again.

Let It Go. As a Disney song so simply says, learn to let it go. Get them to understand that what you are doing together is so that they can leave all worries behind, and that you are creating a safe place in their mind where fears do not exist. Ask them to relax their gaze when they are looking at something, and tell them that if they want they can close their eyes.

Use Imagination. What else could you do during childrens meditation? You have to let them free to use their vivid imagination to create a safe and wonderful place. Let them know that they have no constraints, and that they can roam free!

Be Patient. Not everybody understands meditation right from the get go. Some children may find it especially difficult, and that does not make them any less special. Some people have tried meditating a large part of their life, but have made no progress. Reward them for their effort, and be patient with them!

Practice with them. Use meditation as an occasion for bonding. Try practicing with them, and get all the positivity of the experience from it.

There is no strict method that teaches you how to meditate, but I hope that these tips on meditation for kids have helped you out. You might find interesting applying them to yourself if you are just approaching the practice as a mere beginner; just let me know if they worked for you as well!