How to Nail a Job Interview with Meditation

How to Nail a Job Interview with Meditation

How to Nail a Job Interview with Meditation

We are sure that you know that feeling in your stomach. That murmur that warns you that you are about to face something that makes you nervous. A feeling that comes to you when you have to face an oral presentation, speak a language you do not usually speak or conduct a job interview. No matter how much we prepare or how many more interviews we have been through our professional careers, we are all alert when we have to face one, and we rarely feel relaxed. Far from what it may seem, feeling nervous is not a negative thing, just a symptom that you are interested and focused on your goal: getting a job.

However we must not let our anxiety take control over us. Stuttering, touching hair, sweating excessively, or not looking at the recruiter are some of the most common responses to being nervous. The job searching process has been a constant challenge in the lives of those who want to move around the job market or look for their first job. And this search in some cases can contribute to an individual’s illness. It is normal for the candidate to be nervous, tense, restless! But, often, exaggerated anxiety brings on numerous symptoms that compromise a candidate’s good performance during a job interview

So, do you nail that job interview? Shining during your interviews is possible if you use effective mindfulness techniques!

There are many ways in which meditation can help you achieve an excellent level of performance during job interviews. Practicing mindfulness meditation calms your nerves. People who meditate regularly are thus likely to have a greater ability to control emotions in stressful situations. Somebody who has been meditating will find it easier to focus on what they need to do next, rather than dwelling on any mistakes they might have made, or what more may go wrong. 

Meditation also increases the ability to tune in to the emotions of other people and adapt attitude accordingly to the needs of the situation. This emotional intelligence is exactly what most interviewers are looking for in a candidate! Those with a high level of emotional intelligence will be better at fitting into a new working environment, as well as better at connecting with customers.

Let’s try using effective mindfulness techniques! Prepare for a successful interview by mentally rehearsing helpful attitudes, self-expression and communication skills that will help you do great and get the position you desire:

  1. You can turn the natural anxiety you feel before an interview into helpful excitement by adjusting your posture to be more open and upright and your facial expression to be more friendly and confident;
  2. Be ready to share your most important reasons for being interested in the position. Have 3 specific points in mind;
  3. Have relevant examples in mind that show how you solved problems or added value to a project;
  4. Prepare questions that you will ask the interviewers to show your proactivity and interest in the position and institution.

Searching for a new opportunity in the job market is not an easy task. Even the most professional people need to take control over pressure so as not to make silly mistakes which will wipe out their chances of being hired. Nervousness can also cause the candidate to fail to express himself well, making him unable to show his qualities and skills. Meditation can be an ally for anxiety prone candidates. It is very difficult to turn off your brain or change the way you think, but the practice of meditation can certainly help you cope with the pressure!