How To Overcome Envy & Negativity

How To Overcome Envy & Negativity

Very little people would have the courage to argue that envy has a positive influence on your life. Here are some ways in which you can overcome this negative feeling so that you can lead a more balanced existence.

Once you can look over the black clouds of anger that surround envy and jealousy, you can immediately recognize the negative effects that it has on both your body and your mind:

You get bitter and resentful.

You are less free.

Your thoughts control you.

Your emotions spiral out of control as well.

You can slowly spiral into depression.

Is envy not a waste of energy that would be much more well applied to some other aspect of your life? Why should you keep concentrating on what other people have when you have so much yourself? Here are some simple tips on how to overcome envy and the negativity that it is born from it.

Shift Your Focus: Do not give your blessings for granted. Wake up each day by admiring every little thing, and noticing how each and every one of them is a gift. Stay grateful!

Perspective is the Key: Don’t try to just compare the best of what another person has to the worst you have yourself. Keep everything into perspective, and constantly remind yourself that not everyone has it all, and that each individual has his own problems, his trials and weaknesses.

Value What is Right: Value not only that which is material and unobtainable. They are of little importance to true happiness. People, relationships and emotions are what matter the most.

Surround Yourself With Grateful People: Surround yourself with people that are able to have positive thoughts about life and learn to be positive yourself thanks to them.

Celebrate Others, and Be Happy for Them: Be thankful for the success of others, and celebrate them when they achieve a goal as if it were your own. Stop viewing life as a competition! Joy is not a finite source; everyone can achieve it. The day you learn how to make another person’s joy as your own is the day you will learn how to stop jealousy and better yourself for good.

I hope you found this list of tips on how to overcome negativity and envy useful. Remember to be positive, and to wake up each day thinking that the hours we about to live are a blessing, and we should make them as joyful for us as for others!