How to Spend Christmas During Covid

How to Spend Christmas During Covid

How to Spend Christmas During Covid

It’s Christmas! Time off work! Music, bright lights, presents! But this is still 2020, and we can’t help but deal with Covid. The pandemic is shaking up all our plans and traditions. Everything feels a bit weird, doesn’t it?
Think of the traditional images of Christmas. A cozy, cheerfully decorated home comes to mind, where happy families gather to share an Instagram perfect dinner. But this year, I’m sure everyone is facing a dilemma: whether to reunite despite the risks posed by the pandemic or play it safe and scale things down.
Every year members of my larger family from all over Europe reunite in my hometown in southern Italy to share spaghetti with clams, fried fish, and a classic panettone. This year, many of us will spend our holidays alone. With effective vaccines arriving, we may have a “normal” Christmas next year. It just feels wiser to remain apart this time around.


However, being alone on Christmas day is a fearful burden for many. Yes, there are things I’m happy to skip, like faking my surprise and joy when my uncle gives me yet another football-themed gift (I now own Inter Milan pajamas, socks, and briefs). But spending it alone still feels rough. I’m trying to cope by making plans, so I’ve rounded up some simple ideas to spend Christmas solo, which I hope can help you as well.

Spend the Day Doing Things You Enjoy

Let’s start with the obvious. You can dive into a book. My advice is to go for some fiction, it can help you escape into an entirely different reality. You can read that book while taking a relaxing bath. Or if you think that wearing Christmas pajamas all day sounds fun, do that! Play video games, binge all those shows you’ve never had time for. Whatever is your thing, do it.

Create New Memories

The thing with Christmas is that since it has been imbued with a lot of meaning and mythology, you will basically remember what you did on a solo Xmas day for at least the next few years. It may be tempting to pull covers over your head and call it a day, but maybe it’s better to consider making a memory that actually gives you joy. You can compile old holiday photos into a collage and share it with your family and friends. You can still connect with others through video. Or you can go for a walk. There’s something about the hushed cold and lack of people and cars out on Christmas Day that just feels right.

Listen to a Joyful Playlist

Have you heard? Music is a scientifically-proven way to boost your mood. We’ve come up with a soundtrack for a festive solo day so that all you have to do is hit play.

Yummy Comfort Food

Since it’s Christmas, consider going for something a little more time consuming than your average weeknight recipe. Cooking doesn’t have to feel like a chore, it can be a soothing activity by itself. Prepare yourself something comforting or decadent, like a childhood favorite. I’m going to try baking a good old fashioned lasagna. And of course, if it all goes horribly wrong, there’s always takeout.

A Message from Meditation Relax Club

Above all, just be kind and gentle to yourself, and know that we are there with you with music and in spirit. Merry Christmas!